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ABOUT BOOMTOWN Boomtown is a Boulder, Colorado, USA based 12-week startup accelerator program working with a selected group of promising startups to optimize, revolutionize, and accelerate their development and growth by combining a robust and customized educational curriculum, hands-on mentor network, extensive industry connections, and the hottest Demo Day in Boulder. Boomtown gives $20k + our entire program, mentor network, investor exposure, $1.7MM+ in discounts and perks, demo day, and alumni status in exchange for 6% common stock equity - this doesn't count as a funding round and thus doesn't affect your valuation at all. The cash is merely a token amount to smooth your way as you go through the program. == This form covers: - Boomtown Boulder (GT) - Boomtown Boulder HealthTech (HT) - Boomtown Hardware & Connectivity (HW) - The Farm, in Atlanta Georgia Thank you for applying to Boomtown Accelerator! Please have EACH founder fill out the questions marked as individual questions (they will each have to create an account). Please make sure your account information is up-to-date and correct. We look forward to reading your application. If you have any questions feel free to reach out at More information on our program, application process, benefits, and other programs we run is available at

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