Boost uses AI to power scouting and recruiting in grassroots basketball....
Boost uses AI to power scouting and recruiting in grassroots basketball.
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Inga Nakhmanson
Inga Nakhmanson Digital professional focused on business development and marketing, +12 years of experience , augmented reality evangelist
Stadia Accelerator Fall 2019
Stadia Accelerator Fall 2019 The Sports Innovation Hub
Stadia Accelerator Spring 2020
Stadia Accelerator Spring 2020 The Sports Innovation Hub


Scott Cannon
Scott Cannon


Austin Swift


Arian Forouhar

The Boost team is attacking a large, growing market and has lived the pain of the problem they’re trying to solve. They’re a scrappy bunch that work well together. I attended one of their first events and saw their player ranking tools in action. Having worked on data products in professional sports, I’m excited by the opportunity they’re creating to standardize assessment and ranking tools at the grassroots level.

Yohan Baillot CEO / Advisor at ARCortex

EVE is a revolutionary tool using the emerging field of Augmented Reality to provide professional athletes and every day player with training and virtual opponents. EVE leverage the upcoming development in AR and VR to provide the best immersive tools to their users by leveraging its team long term expertise in the sport and virtual environments fields