Brian Bosche

Brian Bosche

Co-Founder of Slope. Bizdom Detroit. Venture for America. Dartmouth.
Marketing • Sales/Bus Dev
Detroit, US
  • B2B/Enterprise
  • Startups
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  • Digital Marketing
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Slope • Co-Founder

Slope makes it easy for teams to collaborate on visual content


Ryan Mulvaney recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Slope was amazing to work with. They get it. Their team has a great deal of talent, and the idea has huge potential that I haven't seen anyone else put together the way Slope is doing it.

Amy Gill recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Brian and Dan have built an incredible team and an incredible initial product. Throughout the Bizdom accelerator they stayed focused and driven, and navigated the typical startup hurdles with a cool head. They listen to their clients, pivot when necessary, and pursue their goals with intense tenacity. We are excited to continue to work with, invest in and help this team take it to the next level.

Rickey Ishida Account Services Coordinator at Zipscene recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Joe Minock CEO at AthleteProgress recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Slope is comprised of an incredibly talented and motivated team with great industry experience. They are focused on delivering great product and constantly engaging with clients to ensure that they are on the right track. Having worked along side them at the Bizdom Accelerator, I'm confident that they have the right team and will achieve broad market penetration with Slope.

Travis O Johnson Co-founder and CEO at foodjunky recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

I have had the opportunity to work with Brian on multiple occasions usually surrounding charity events. He is a hard working individual with an array of capabilities. I am sure Brian will do great in this new venture or anything that he does.

Joel Butterly recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

In addition to being an incredibly useful software solution, the team behind slope is second to none. Brian has helped launch numerous successful startups, and has proven time again to possess the leadership skills, foresight, and flexibility to see idea through to execution.

Brendan Rice Co-Founder at Tuck recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Brian is a true leader and has proven his ability to execute on ideas. I'm confident that Slope will go on to do great things and I highly recommend Brian and the rest of the team.

John David Back recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

If there is a person with more go-getter-ness on earth than Dan Bloom, I'd like to meet them. This guy sees a problem and then stops at nothing to solve it. I could not possibly recommend him any higher. If I was one step farther I would have a closet full of newspaper clippings and locks of his hair, with strings and push-pins arbitrarily linking things together like a crazy Dan-centered web of obsession.

But on a serious note, I believe in these guys and their vision. Excited to see what they do.

Michael Tarullo Advisor at Slope recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

I've known Slope's founders (Brian and Dan) for three-plus years and have the utmost confidence in their ingenuity, resilience, and character. They've done a ton of in-the-trenches learning to better understand the specific pain points their clients face - and it shows. A huge number of their clients are long-term committed. We've invested in them with money and time, and we're confident they'll keep learning and delivering every day.

Corinne E. Thomas recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Slope has shown great promise to solve a large problem that I face daily as the Director of Marketing for foodjunky. As soon as I heard of the product, I knew it was something that would be used within our organization. I'm very excited for the opportunity to streamline communication and content production across various teams by using Slope!

Ben Chutz recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Had the pleasure of sharing co-working space with Brian & Dan. In addition to being super positive and driven themselves, they've put together a fun, intelligent, and dedicated team-- the evolution of which I have enjoyed the fortune of watching. Slope & co. have what it takes to go big. I'm a believer!

Maria LaLonde Co-Founder at BizdomFamily recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

I strongly recommend Brian and the Slope team. Talented and motivated team with a great product. They execute well and are growing their business thoughtfully.

Scott Smedresman recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Slope has an exciting product and a fantastic team in place to continue building and scaling its business. The team comes from a great program, with devoted and driven advisors in its support network. I strongly recommend them.

Danny Wasserman recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

In all my dealings with Dan and Brian, they have consistently exemplified what it means to deliver sterling service! It was a unique privilege to see this class of business done by such young and promising entrepreneurs. I look forward to both observing and supporting Dan and Brian's future endeavors. Congrats to you both!

Marissa Smith recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

As a member of the PR and marketing team at Fathead, I can't wait to start using Slope. Managing, storing and accessing our content is a big pain for us as we continue to ramp up our content marketing campaigns. Brian and Dan are incredibly hard working and define dynamic duo.

Ian Walker Employee at Control recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

I worked with Daniel on Dónde and witnessed first-hand his determination to achieve what he's set his mind on. Slope and it's early momentum is due to the tenacity of Daniel and Brian and their ability to execute on time and with purpose.

Eileen Lee co-founder at The Lola recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

I've worked with both Brian and Dan for 3+ years now and have watch now and continue to be impressed with their drive, resilience and energy. Both Brian and Dan, through their startup experiences, have learned what it takes to build a high capacity and high functioning team. I would vouch for their ability and character any day.

Michael Mayer recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Brian is an efficient, capable, and genuine leader. I worked with Brian as a co-founder of Startup Effect, where he built out our Detroit programming and grew valuable funding and operating partnerships. His ability to motivate a team around core goals and vision makes him an inspiring force for any company. The Slope team in general is a lethal combo of intelligent, lean, connected, and hard-working. No doubt Slope's new technology is going to completely revamp and streamline how companies manage their video content.

Kristy Erdodi-Sharrow recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

We are so excited about Slope on the LevelEleven team! Our marketing revolves around content, and finding a platform for organizing our media content, as well as collaborating around it, was a huge need for us. Slope offers us the chance to fully leverage assets we already have and optimize those we'll create in the future.

Eric Bahn Advisor at Slope recommended Slope where Brian is Co-Founder

Slope has an incredible team behind it: the people there are a combination of huge intellectual horsepower and hustle. I'm very excited to see these folks revolutionize an important enterprise space!