Brooke Wallace

Brooke Wallace

Qualcomm, Ericsson, Kyocera, University of Maryland, NIST
General Engineer
San Diego, US
  • Robotics
  • Software Development
Sohn Systems Robotics Team 1

Co-Founder @Sohn Systems Robotics Team 1 • Co-Founder

"Giving You a Head Start in Robotics Design"


CEO/CTO @brookbot • Co-Founder

Commerical Robots

Philip Meier recommended Sohn Systems Robotics Team 1 where Brooke is Co-Founder
Co-Founder, CleverPet

A key challenge for robots is the coordination of sensors and effectors for a given task. Selecting and placing the components is important. Sohn systems designs could make it it easier to try alternative arrangements, increasing the ability to optimize or to reconfigure for a given task. It also opens opportunities to leverage a single robot for multiple applications.

Jeff Debrosse recommended Sohn Systems Robotics Team 1 where Brooke is Co-Founder
Founder/CTO, Nxt Robotics

One of our core requirements is to provide our customers with the ability to easily reconfigure our robot to meet their changing needs. After meeting you and evaluating your modular connector system, it looks like it could potentially be a great solution for our IRIS hospitality robot.

I had the opportunity of being the Business Advisor for Doug’s team when he took UDOT through the CONNECT Springboard where we assist Start Up and Emerging company CEOs to develop and present their business to Investors. The coaching process involves developing the Market Profile, Business Model, Value Proposition, Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Go-To-Market Strategy, Company Traction, Financials, Funding, Milestones, Risks/Assumptions and Exit Strategy.
Doug is very passionate about the UDOT concept and was diligent in working hard to create a compelling slide deck to present UDOT for funding.
He has impeccable integrity, is always a gentleman, and has extensive knowledge about the UPOT market opportunity. Good Luck, Doug, Cheri, and Team.
Bruce Doyle, Ph.D.