Straight Shot 2013 Class
Straight Shot 2013 Class Omaha e-commerce and SaaS accelerator


Mame Cheikh Mbaye Co-Founder at Statut Global Leadership Partenariat

I recommended you this letter:
1. Mentions of the letter: Identification as a partner.
1.1. Reference: Numerical Friends Group of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founding- Chairman and CEO (NFG-MZ/FB-FCC)
1.2. Object: Project: «Virtual Roundtable around the 30 life lessons to take from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder and Chairman.”
2. Waiting of the object of the letter: Management of the project (1.2.).

We have the pleasure to send you this letter which object and waiting are mentioned. Following to your favorable answer and your inquiry or expression of interest, the management committee of the project would be immediately inclined to glimpse the ways and forms appropriated to send you the documents supporting the proposed partnership with the aim of your final opinion.
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