Carl Daikeler

Carl Daikeler

Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Sales/Bus Dev • General Business
Los Angeles, US
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CEO @Beachbody • Employee

Jan '98 - Present (23 years 4 months)

Amazing things Carl's made
My focus is entirely on creating fitness and weight loss programs, including “:08 Minute Abs”. Under my leadership, Beachbody was the first to forecast a future where the home would become the dominant and legitimate fitness and nutrition hub. With some of the most consistent success using direct marketing to acquire customers, and the earliest of social-media influencer networks, I have an empirical approach to develop product, test, learn, revise and rollout. From inception I have been focused on ensuring that Beachbody offered the total solution to healthy weight loss and fitness by incorporating meal planning, appropriate supplementation, and community.
Ithaca College (NY)

Ithaca College (NY)

Corporate Organizational Media Graduated 1986