Carlos Miranda Levy

Carlos Miranda Levy

Social Technopreneur with 15+ yr in USA, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. Founder of Relief 2.0, Civil Innovation Lab, Educar & more
General Business • Front End Dev
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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eAprendizaje • Co-Founder

educación efectiva fuera del aula

Jóvenes Coronados

CTO @Jóvenes Coronados • Co-Founder

empoderando jóvenes como agentes de cambio en su comunidad


CTO @omnyHEALTH • Co-Founder

A platform to connect citizens with doctors through multiple channels.

Young Creators Academy

Young Creators Academy • Co-Founder


Zeroplastiq • Co-Founder

A profitable ecosystem for reducing plastic consumption

Amazing things Carlos's made
A social entrepreneur and innovation technology expert with 20 years of work in human development, education, culture, disaster response and the environment, Carlos has led multiple social impact technology initiatives across the globe, while maintaining a successful career at the service of international organizations, government agencies and corporate and non-profit organizations.

His balanced mix of tech skills, business savvy and understanding of social processes, give him a unique advantage for visualizing stakeholders and ecosystems, their processes and opportunities, drafting strategies, leading teams, organizing events and creating technology solutions. This is clearly appreciated in his work with vulnerable youth, disaster survivors , teachers, policy makers, software developers and communities, which has taken him from the Caribbean mountains to Silicon Valley, the Amazon basin and snowcapped Andes; to Haiti, Singapore and Japan, and more recently to Africa and Europe.