Carolina Pantoja

Carolina Pantoja

CEO, Former Biz.Dev. Start-Up Chile, The World Bank/ Startup Grind
General Business • Marketing
Santiago, Chile
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Yebame SpA

Leader @Yebame SpA • Co-Founder

Peer-to-peer ride sharing that works with a voluntary fee.

CEO & Founder • Employee


Torsten Kolind recommended Yebame SpA where Carolina is Co-Founder

I've known Carolina Rossi for years through our work with Start-Up Chile, and I can fully speak to her commitment and passion for Although based in Latin America, the team's vision is global, and I'd be deligthed to recommend them to any accelerator program.

Vivek Wadhwa recommended Yebame SpA where Carolina is Co-Founder

I have seen the work that Carolina did at Start-Up Chile, and it was excellent. She helped build a great organization and powerful ecosystem for entrepreneurship.

She is awesome.

Diego Saez-Gil CEO at Pachama recommended Yebame SpA where Carolina is Co-Founder

I have observed closely the work of Carolina, Horacio and Sebastian and have always been impressed by their vision, their passion and their ability to execute on ambitious projects. With I think they are tapping into a great opportunity. Having worked on the online travel industry for many years as I can tell that mobile and the peer-to-peer economy is unfolding huge opportunities, especially in emerging markets such as LatAm. I have no doubt that Carolina and the team at are going to build a wildly successful venture in this market.

Fabio Pittaluga recommended Yebame SpA where Carolina is Co-Founder

I have known and worked with Carolina in the context of a World Bank program of exchange between Chile and Jamaica. I have seen how she manages to understand the markets and its networks, as well as a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Latin America.

I am sure she has everything that it takes to lead global projects that generate an impact in the Latam ecosystem and abroad.

I have followed the evolution of in the last few months and how she and the team are trying to connect a product with a solution that is tangible, sustainable and a real need in many global cities of today times.

I am sure that she and her team will put everything that it takes to lead a global business and collaborate with all the strategic partners in all the different markets they have already worked in thanks to her experience in other ventures as well as global projects as Start-Up Chile, Startup Jamaica and StartUp Grind.

Florent Sciberras recommended Yebame SpA where Carolina is Co-Founder

I've known the work that Carolina has done in Latam and all over the world, either with Start-Up Chile as its Bus. Dev. Director and Start-Up Grind in Chile.
She has a deep knowledge in how the market moves, specially in the Whole Latam Region, but also in Europe.
She's been deeply involved in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, been director, and advisors of various world innovative initiative as the creation of "Start-Up Jamaica", "Advisor of Start-Up World and Lean Startup Machine" and the World Bank.
Multilingual and a great speaker, I would recommend her for two things: her energy and her vision. Carolina has always impressed me by how much energy she puts in a project. She will never give up. Her vision is well-informed, not short sighted, as she understands well the stakes of the sharing economy.
Most importantly as a founder, she is a great leader and team player. People I know who have worked with her have praised her sense of inclusiveness and her ability to move things forward.