chloe pahud

chloe pahud

Serial Social Entrepreneur, Brand Developer, and Absolute Nerd
Marketing • General Business
Berlin, Germany
  • Brand Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Marketing Communications
  • Project Coordination
  • Sales Management

CEO • Co-Founder

Civocracy was created in 2015 to


CEO @Civocracy • Co-Founder

We're fixing the relationship between government and their citizens.

Amazing things chloe's made
We have developed and tested features to tackle citizen engagement and got more traction in a month that most of older Civic startups in years.

Tienko Rasker Co-Founder at Leapfunder & Gtec recommended Civocracy where chloe is Co-Founder

Civocracy is driven by a dedicated team that is committed to their vision. They have demonstrated an ability to bring together opinion leaders from the political and government sphere. Communication and information are fundamental to democracy, traditionally this has been most effective at the national level. Civocracy connects to local governments and may transform levels of participation and the nature of decision-making at the local level. The potential for positive change in that arena is largely untapped, and Civocracy has the opportunity to open up the market as a first-mover.