Christian Adelsberger

Christian Adelsberger

CEO and Founder
General Business • Mobile Dev
Vienna, Austria
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CEO @Parkbob • Co-Founder

Making Shared Mobility Sustainable & Profitable

Amazing things Christian's made
A week after moving to Berlin in 2001, I locked myself out of my new apartment, which inadvertently led to the creation of a movement for Open Source software in the German Parliament.

Without a key, I knocked on the door of the company downstairs looking for help, and found brothers in spirit, also passionate about the impact of Open Source/Free Software. The same night we decided to start the non-profit campaign “Bundestux”, which propagated the introduction of Open Source/Free Software for all systems of the German Bundestag (Parliament). Without any budget we managed to receive 27.000 signatures within 6 weeks and huge media coverage which led to the introduction of Open Source Software on the German Parliament’s server systems.

A spin-off of this project now hosts the largest conference on net politics in Europe: