Christopher Kränzler

Christopher Kränzler

Determined and highly motivated optimist with a global perspective
Financial • General Business
Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Business Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Reporting
lengoo | Find your translator

CEO @lengoo | Find your translator • Co-Founder

The intelligent work marketplace for expert document translations

Amazing things Christopher's made
In all aspects of my life, I enjoy creating and executing new ideas. In high-school my fellow lengoo co-founder, Tobi, and I started a Latin Hip-Hop band called “Cambero.” We recorded a CD and performed on international stages including in Austria and Switzerland. During my consulting engagements for one of the major financial rating agencies in New York City, I designed and implemented a prototype automatically predicting attractive targets in the Private Equity sector based on historical investments (91% accuracy on test data). In the course of another consulting project, we implemented a forecast and optimized resource allocation tool for the largest online grocer in the U.S.
More recently, here at lengoo, I built the first prototype of our platform in just four weeks. The platform enabled us to automate our workflows and reduce project management efforts by 50%. In addition, I developed a reporting and metrics board, which enables us to track our startup performance in real-time.
Columbia University - Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Columbia University - Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

M. Sc. Management Science & Engineering Sep 2014 - Dec 2015

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

B. Sc. Industrial Engineering Oct 2008 - Aug 2012


Oliver Clasen Senior Advisor to the President at ESMT European School of Management and Technology recommended lengoo | Find your translator where Christopher is Co-Founder

Hallo liebes GTEC Team,

ich habe das Team von lengoo im Rahmen meines mentoring bei TechStars kennen gelernt und ein gemeinsamen Workshop zu sales / Vertrieb veranstaltet. Das team ist engagiert und ich halte das BusinessModell auch für sehr gut.


Susannah Vila CEO at Flip recommended lengoo | Find your translator where Christopher is Co-Founder

I met chris in class in business school and have been impressed with his work ethic and business sense since then. I think they are building a great product at Lengoo within a huge market, and I think they are thinking intelligently about marketing. I know they are relocating to the Berlin area and I think they would benefit a lot to the TS ecosystem there and also add a lot of value.

Orestis Terzidis Head of Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management & Innovation (EnTechnon) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology recommended lengoo | Find your translator where Christopher is Co-Founder

Great business model, leaving out the middle-man (agencies) and directly connecting freelance translators with customers through a marketplace solution. Three of the founders are my former students at KIT, they have a great and clear vision on how to consolidate the fragmented translation industry making it more transparent and efficient for both sides, they bring the skills from both national & international top schools to deliver and eventually expand overseas. They were highly committed from day one and showed great leadership skills in complementing the original founders’ team with an experienced full-stack developer, a marketing & HR expert and getting industry expertise into the company by hiring trained translators as their first employees. Over the years the idea has evolved into a scalable business, the team has understood the market and found product-market-fit. Their matching algorithm clearly differentiates the company from its competitors in the space. They overcame the ch

Sissi Closs Geschäftsführerin, Professorin at C-Topic Consulting GmbH recommended lengoo | Find your translator where Christopher is Co-Founder

I am pleased to know lengoo as a joung company with fresh and very innovative ideas for the translation business.
They have great skills in making complex tasks and processes understandable and fulfilling them efficiently. It's a pleasure to work with them.

Martin Rammensee recommended lengoo | Find your translator where Christopher is Co-Founder

Ich bin Geschäftsführer bei, der Suchmaschine für Fernbusse. Wir aggregieren Fernbusrouten aus fast allen europäischen Ländern auf einer Plattform. Mit lengoo haben wir unsere Software in verschiedene Sprachen lokalisiert und sind mit dem Ergebnis mehr als zufrieden.

Wir kennen das Team rundum lengoo schon seit der Gründung. Wir haben uns zeitweise ein Büro geteilt und sind von den sehr engagierten Gründern überzeugt. Das neue Geschäftsmodell eines Marktplatzes, auf dem man direkt mit erfahrenen Übersetzern zusammenarbeiten kann finde ich als Kunde sehr spannend. Ich bin mir sicher, dass dies der richtige Weg ist auch KMUs und v.a. Startups Zugang zu professionelle Übersetzungen zu geben. Wir bei bleiben dem Service treu.