Mike is quiet and unassuming, but has tremendous force of personality. He is structured in his thinking and once he has the strategy worked out executes it very well. He leads by being right! I have worked with Mike in giving the basics of Lean Startup and once I had persuaded him to "get out of the building" (not that he took much persuading once he saw the logic) he has not looked back. He now has a growing set of customers and advocates and is starting to get very positive press attention. His product will easily transcend borders and has the capability to grow very fast with the right support. I am sure that Lightning Lab will help him create the international success that Cloud Cannon deserves.

I met Mike from Cloud Cannon at Startup Weekend in Dunedin in March. A friend suggested I support his idea and the team had a GREAT weekend and Mike (quietly) led it very very well. The SUW weekend idea was a good one and I think Mike thought he could start 2 businesses - however Cloud Cannon has won over.

I am not a tech person but have been impressed by Mikes knowledge of the market and his web design skills and focus on getting the solution out there. He seems to have a great combo of technical skills, ability to talk with people, and focus.

I think he would be a great candidate for lightening lab and wish him well in his application.