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Colin Vincent

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Santa Monica, US
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MojoPics • Co-Founder

Your personal photo assitant in the cloud

Amazing things Colin's made
I built MojoPics, a Tinder for photo albums app.

Dave Schappell Founder and CEO at TeachStreet

I met Colin a few months ago, as I share his passion for making photos more easily curated. I've been impressed with the progress he's made with MojoPics, and look forward to following and helping the company as it grows. I think he and MojoPics are ready to take off.

Tim Manson Co-Founder at Property Connect, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Colin at the NEXT LA program. Colin successfully implemented all the feedback from the mentors and was subsequently rewarded by becoming one of the top 2 companies within the group chosen by a selection of 5 judges comprising top accelerators in LA. I have no doubt in Colin's ability to make Mojo Pics a great success!

Blake Caldwell CEO at Startup Boost

I am the program coordinator for NEXT LA and was extremely happy with how Colin greatly surpassed my initial expectations. He was the most receptive entrepreneur in the class; he came back each week presenting two weeks worth of progress. He's honed in his business model and I'm extremely excited to see his team push his product forward.

He was awarded some of the highest scores by our accelerator leaders (judges) and mentors. And personally, I'm know that he has the perfect combination of open-mindedness and vision to take MojoPics to his market segment and beyond.

He continued to surpass high expectations each and every week, and I guarantee he'll continue to do that even as we cultivate him in the NEXT ecosystem.

Daniel Ball Product at Startup Next LA

Colin Vincent's MojoPics was one of 8 startups selected (out of 50 applicants) for my NEXT LA program. Mentors and fellow students consistently commended him for his contributions to the discussion, willingness to adapt his approach and business model, and the progress he made both with iterations to his business model and his pitch. I found Colin to be extremely coachable and capable; he embraced the concepts of customer discovery and validating problem-solution fit.

MojoPics finished in the top 2 spots as voted on by a panel of LA accelerators and mentors from local angel groups. I recommend him strongly for any investor or accelerator program as I'm confident he will achieve product-market fit and a scalable business model.

Reginald Rico Thompson, EMBA CEO at interviewLook recommended Equity Directory where Colin is Co-Founder

Just read about project, sounds real cool but haven't used it yet. I'm a start-up looking to offer equity for work. I want to test it out. Best of Luck!

Tim Hines CMO at CurbNinja recommended Equity Directory where Colin is Co-Founder

With Lisa Russell at the helm, Equity Directory will be making a big splash this year. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa on past projects including Pitch Training Camp where she co-lead the team to a successful and profitable launch. Lisa his highly knowledgeable, but is hungry to learn and she strives to constantly level-up. Equity Directory will undoubtedly be a perfect fit for any startup program.