College Ticket has been tremendously helpful in the process of submitting our son's college application. We were able to provide universities with an organized, complete picture of his high school experience in a way that helped him to stand out among his peers. We will continue to use and recommend College Ticket!

College Ticket provided amazing strategic guidance for our family! The tools provided along with that guidance has allowed my daughter to not only receive acceptance into one of her top schools, but she also received a Presidential Scholarship offer. We lacked clarity as we entered the college search process but College Ticket provided the direction we needed with a simple and easy to use interface.

When I began the college application process with my first child, I was unaware of all the time and work required - it seemed overwhelming. I came to understand that being able to provide a school with a complete picture of a student is a valuable endeavor not only from an acceptance point of view, but also in helping secure scholarships. College Ticket has been a tremendous help not only in streamlining the application process, it has also provided direction in how to create and easily organize the information needed to create a student's profile to "wow" the admissions office. College Ticket has been and will continue to be a valuable tool for me!

What Andy and his team started off doing as a major value add for Home School Students has significant and broad application to ALL students seeking to make the most of their college entrance process. I have seen Academic Advisers, and Administrators light up with delight when they see how the features and functions of the software can help them and their students. I have been in the software business for 20 plus years and I recognize that big things are in store for College-Ticket!

A smart way to get organized about the college selection, application, and scholarship process. Successful in starting conversations between me and my high school student.