Leslie Freeman

Koert has a killer idea for how to leverage social data in market testing. It's a big opportunity and no one's doing it... yet. With Collide, he says, "I know this works." I believe him. Excited and hopeful to see Collide turn into a real offering and innovative option for organizations.

Brian Elliott

Koert has the rare ability to marry analytical thinking with creativity. He is forward-thinking and brings business savvy – and gets how the approach of working with consumers at the forefront of culture can drive brand value.

For instance, in our research among early adopters in 5 European markets that informed our strategy for a global sports fashion brand, Koert was able to leverage digital, and help mould the work, with a clear focus on improving concepts, not just ‘testing’ them. That is a rare talent indeed.

Claudia Batten

Koert has the rare quality of combining analytical thinking with creativity. His idea for Collide is part of the next wave in market research, an industry in desperate need for transformation. Koert’s idea may lead this transformation. With his research savvy, ability to understand client needs, and his access to a large bespoke international cultural network; Collide has incredible potential. But he will need to surround himself with the right team and advisors, which is why Boomtown is an important part of the equation.