ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Reminder: This is Track 1 of the Combating Terrorism Technologies Challenge. This track is for all combating-terrorism technologies EXCEPT navigation and positioning technologies. (If your technology is a navigation or positioning technology, please do not continue here, but instead visit and click on Track 2, the Urban Navigation Technologies track). 2. To enter, you must first setup a profile on the F6S platform (if you don't already have one). Use the "Let's get started" field above to setup your profile. 3. The challenge is open to all startups (annual revenues must be <$2M), entrepreneurs, and research groups world-wide. 4. You must have a proof-of-concept (ie, your technology must be AT LEAST at the level of a laboratory demonstration or prototype). 5. All Questions much be answered in English. 6. Do not exceed the maximum number of characters shown for each of the written answers. 7. The submission must include a short video clip as described in the uploads section below. (If you find that making this video is difficult or intimidating, write us at and we will try to help). 8. Your submission must be completed NO LATER THAN 12 Midnight EST on March 16, 2018. 9. Confidentiality: Please include only non-confidential information in your entry. The goal of CTTSC is to expose your innovation to a wide audience of potential customers and sponsors throughout the US Government and this can be done only with non-confidential information. If there is a specific technical detail that you believe is critical to the judges evaluating your technology and that you do not want to share outside of the judging panel, please write “JUDGES ONLY” at the beginning and at the end of EACH paragraph that you do not want publicized. Any paragraph so marked will be kept within the judging panel and used only for evaluating your application. Do not include any classified information. Also note that the contest is hosted on a third party commercial platform and the organizers cannot take responsibility for security of the platform. 10. If you have any questions please write to with subject “GENERAL CHALLENGE QUESTION”. Thank you for entering the 2018 Combating Terrorism Startup Challenge and best of luck !


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