Kinzzy K Paris

I am a designer specializing in dressmaking and I had several occasion to work with Contemporair
Their concept has allowed me to present my collection to a substantial and diversified client based in nice places and friendly spaces. Ephemeral sales by Contemporair are regular and give me the opportunity to be able to have a direct visibility into the most popular items. Nicolle and Mauricio offer their customers a wide selection of dresses but also bring a real benefit to designers working with them from an interesting visibility (local and international) and relevant feedback. The contact is always nice and returns helped me to imagine my next collection so that it can satisfy the greatest number while keeping the identity of my brand and my desire to offer original items. They are also very active on social networks and it helps a lot for the communication.
I really enjoy to work with them and this concept has been one of the most helpful to introduce my brand to customers. Kinzzy K