Marisa and her team know how to get things done... the RIGHT things. They know how to put technology on hold for a bit, get to know the users they are trying to serve, and then bring the tech back in, aim it at solving the right problems... and getting it done fast. She and her team are focused on practical solutions that people will actually use. And perhaps most importantly, their attitudes are wonderful. It's rare to find people that have the right mix of smarts, practicality, and a great attitude.

The team at Converse Point are on point. In the first year of knowing about their products and offerings, I can think of 100 different ways it will be useful in the near future. We can't wait to see what they have in store next!

The ConversePoint team is outstanding.

What Marissa is doing with ConversePoint could be a game changer in messaging. The problem of email-hell will not be solved without smart tools and smart people like Marissa. ConversePoint takes dead aim at this issue and has cleverly engineered custom capabilities that provide real value for the end user that equates to time and money.

Marisa and her team are resourcefully putting together a productivity enhancement tool that we will some day wonder how we did without. I am honored to be an advisor to this talented team and dynamo of a founder.