Cornelius Frey

Cornelius Frey

Co-Founder & CEO, Opinary
General Business • Product
Berlin, Germany
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CEO @Opinary • Co-Founder

Our interactive tools let enterprises engage, understand & convert users.

Amazing things Cornelius's made
Built Pressekompass with my sister and Co-Founder PIA on a hunch, frustrated at an increasingly polarized culture of online debate on topics that matter - was lucky to find an amazing team to build it into the future of interactive storytelling and live user insights at Opinary.

Olivia Hohoff recommended Opinary where Cornelius is Co-Founder

Opinary wants to challenge the fact that only 2% of today's online users take an active role by sharing their opinion online. Their innovative technology makes users engage with media content through interactive infographics and is unique in Germany, if not even beyond.

Despite the fact that Opinary is quite a young company with a relatively small team, they have already convinced well-known German investors as well as Germany's leading publishing houses of their business model and product.

Expanding to the US is a priority on their current agenda, where they have been able to close first deals with some notable newspapers.

With a background in IT, publishing and editorial, Opinary's team presents a mixture of tech-savvy, creative and target-oriented young professionals and it's a pleasure working with them!