Laurence Rosenzweig
Laurence Rosenzweig CEO Co-Founder & CEO at Cquence


An Nguyen
Head of Decision Science & Strategy, spring discovery

I've had the pleasure of knowing Larry for ~5 years. He was an engineer on one of the product teams I personally led at Capital One. During Cquence's early stages, I informally advised Larry and more recently invested via the fund I lead at Ruca. 

As a member of a previous GCT class, I know how important the community we build with each class is. I still regularly chat Concord founders and will be seeing them on my trip to SF. The Cquence founders would be an asset to the GCT as well as Company community. I’ve seen them proactively help fellow founders in their class at ERA and even found ways to help Ruca. 

Two key drivers of Ruca’s investment in Cquence: (1) this team knows the creator economy space because they have lived it and (2) this team is being deeply thoughtful about how to approach it. What has been especially impressive is how this team drives + grinds + iterates at every aspect of Cquence. It gives me confidence that this team's ability to navigate future challenges.