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In CREA we turn ideas into great businesses. We select and support talented students, who have a real interest in becoming entrepreneurs who combine creativity with ICT, ready to start an innovative venture.

In CREA students come in with an idea and go out with a concrete project with business model. We provide an all-round training, which takes you from your idea, via the identification of market opportunities, to conceptualization and planning and finally to the start-up of a new company. But there is even more: a qualified jury selects the best ideas. If your project gets selected you are given the opportunity to pitch it in front of possible investors.

If you want to turn an innovative idea into a successful start-up, cooperating with a team of fellow students, you can enroll in one of our seven Summer Academies 2016 at leading Universities in Europe, in Germany, Greece, Italy, UK, the Netherlands or Slovenia. Each Summer Academy has its own profile, which enables you to select the programme that suits you best.

And the best is yet to come: in CREA we like to give everybody the chance to become a successful entrepreneur, thanks to the support of the European Commission the Summer Academies are free of charge! Students will only need to pay for their travel and accommodation.

Students, PhD Candidates and Post Docs from European Universities can apply.

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f6s support My name is Viktor, a passionate individual who sees opportunities in every situation I come across.
Michele Melazzini Designer and researcher. Mainly i’m a product designer specialized in design development and design management;

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