Cristian Duguet

Engineer and Entrepreneur. Passionate about making sense with tech.
Mobile Dev • Sales/Bus Dev
Santiago, Chile
  • Android
  • Business Development
  • Collaborative
  • ios
  • Navigation Systems

Founder and CEO @CrowdTransfer • Co-Founder

p2p international money transfers network

CEO @SwApp-Exchange • Co-Founder

Save money by exchanging currency with local people.

Amazing things Cristian's made
Worked in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) & Technische Universität München
Indoor Navigation Engineer in the edition and Implementation of different Machine Vision algorithms for navigation of Micro-Aerial Vehicles (MAV) inside buildings with mono cam (Optical Flow, PTAM) and a Multi-Sensor Fusion techniques for Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) systems in Robotics. In other words... flying blind drones inside buildings
Created a Startup to send Money abroad using P2P, CrowdTransfer.

Bilal Memon CEO at Qur'an Academy

I’ve known Cristian since I started in the StartUp Chile Program. Since then we have become close and have talked about a lot of stuff. He has a very good team and he is a very dedicated and passionated leader, which I believe is an important factor for good execution. I don’t need to say much about his company, since the idea behind the business model is just amazing. I would not only want to see the team succeed, but I would love something like CrowdTransfer to be successful and help us all expats around the world to save money.