Rigs Juarez

I have no doubt that Ricardo and Rizkallah will be a great business team. My experience during college years as Ricardo’s Professor leads me to confirm that every endeavor Ricardo commits, it represents a big challenge, passion and determination.

They have all qualities needed to success in business. I am sure they are confident in their venture. They are not afraid of failure; if they do fail, they will see it as a new challenge to push harder. They will wake up each morning excited to achieve their goals.

Wishing Ricardo and Rizkallah all the best in their new adventure.

Oscar Romero

Ricardo and Rizkallah are current students of the second intake of IT4BI, the Erasmus Mundus Master on Information Technologies for Business Intelligence. There, they took courses several courses spanning the IT and business aspects of BI. Reaching IT4BI is already and achievement, given its extremely competitive nature (for the second intake, the acceptance ratio was around 5% of the overall applicants).

During IT4BI both took my Business Intelligence Project (BIP) were both excelled as motivated individuals with a strong capacity to work as a team and develop strong IT solutions for a given business problem.

For all these reasons I do not hesitate to strongly recommend them. They are without any doubt, two valuable assets that will bring added value to any company.

Marcos Eguiguren

I'm very glad to recommend Rizkallah and Ricardo. Both of them were taking Viability of Business Projects last semester with me at the UPC in Barcelona. They are passionate and smart, hard workers, with a clear business orientation and a deep knowledge of BI applied to business. The kind of people I would like to have in my own team.

Dr. Marcos Eguiguren
Professor Business Administration
UPC - BarcelonaTech