Daniel Berenguer

Daniel Berenguer

IoT hardware specialist
Hardware Engineer • General Engineer
Los Santos de Maimona, Spain
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
  • Embedded Systems
  • Linux
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

CEO @panStamp • Co-Founder

Advanced IoT solutions, very specialized in environmental platforms


Hardware manager @LiberIOT • Co-Founder

Liberiot is an open solution for deploy wireless infrastructure of IOT data

Amazing things Daniel's made
panStamp, a entire open hardware ecosystem for IoT applications. this is one of the very few open source wireless platforms worldwide.

Laura Brizuela Sainz de la Maza Head of Maritime Department at CITECAM recommended LiberIOT where Daniel is Co-Founder

LIBERiot is the real alternative to all those expensive proprietary IoT wireless solutions. Unlike Sigfox or LoRa, LIBERiot is based on very low-cost infrastructure and motes. LIBERiot can also be scaled-up very easily due to the natural flexibility of the protocols and the simplicity of the gateways.