Daniel de Segovia Gross

Daniel de Segovia Gross

Founder & Chief Momentum Officer, Hubrix
General Engineer • General Business
Paris, France
  • Software Development
  • API
  • Business Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Database Design
  • DevOps

Founder @Hubrix • Co-Founder

Making Security a Feature, not an Inconvenience.

Sep '16 - Present (4 years 11 months)


Principal @danyell.com • Employee

Feb '98 - Present (23 years 6 months)



SaaS Editor dedicated form home services companies

Sep '14 - Apr '15 (7 months)


CEO @Hypios

Mar '11 - Apr '12 (1 year 1 month)

Origami Partners

CEO @Origami Partners

Jul '98 - Sep '08 (10 years 2 months)

Lombardi Software

Engineer @Lombardi Software

Dec '05 - Jul '07 (1 year 7 months)

Amazing things Daniel's made
In 1997 Daniel built the first casio.com site to provide eCommerce. Christmas 1997 sales were 3X Casio's expectations. It was designed so parents could search for (for example) "everything smaller than a breadbox that does not require batteries."
Ed Simnett recommended Hubrix where Daniel is Co-Founder
Co-Founder, bcodex

Solving a practical day-to-day technology challenge, especially in the emerging world of ecosystems and partnering, which so many people are building businesses on today; with a well thought through technology approach, and a great team.

Pasi Pohjala recommended Hubrix where Daniel is Co-Founder
CEO, partner, Eximap

Recently I had a pleasure to get to know Daniel personally and to learn what Hubrix is doing. The idea has lot of potential and the team behind it can surely make it happen.

Iván Luarca Gayo recommended Hubrix where Daniel is Co-Founder
CEO & Founder, eccocar

Hubrix has an incredible potential!

Shlomi Selim Benbasat recommended Hubrix where Daniel is Co-Founder
Founder, Head BusInv, adMingle - Share Your Passion!

Hubrix is the real deal for companies dealing with technology. After all the core business of tech companies is actually the service.

Such service is a derivative of the existing technologies and bricks of needed elements such as APIs, access control, hyrarchies and many other bricks of software so either tech company can deliver their service.

Hubrix is all about helping companies to deliver their service without needing to develop the infrastructure and core stuff since Hubrix will provide it to you.

I was so lucky to meet this great team and the amazing spirit and know-how of Daniel brining to the team. It seems like this will be the bricks each company using in the near future if they develop any platform or technology.

Our company signed up and I think you should do too.

Nikolai Melnyk recommended Hubrix where Daniel is Co-Founder
business development, PILIGRIM XXI

I had the chance to meet Daniel personally, he and his team are awesome! The time has come for Hubrix. The tech architecture is amazing, the market is about to bust open and the team can take it all the way!