Creating Access to, Control over and Monetization of your Personal Data....
Creating Access to, Control over and Monetization of your Personal Data.
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Erwin de Neef
Erwin de Neef CEO Experienced serial entrepreneurwith focus on innovation, finance,sports and sustainability


While today's emerging technologies and their disruptive innovation potential is hindered by data privacy issues, lack of trust and proper user acceptance, DataXchange is paving the way to transparency, security and empowerment of citizens to control their data. DataXchange vision will bring human-centric solutions to maximise the potential of data for social and business innovations.

DataXchange is an excellent and innovatove solution that provides the new type of services that EU Citizens will require. It will empower them with access, control and monetization of their personal. Both the option for citizens to retrieve their personal data from external sources (corporates, banks, public sector) in a userfriendly and fully automated way is innovative. It will become a game changer on how personal data is managed while providing new tools and services to securely handle it through the usage of an innovative blockchain technology service that will allow DataXChange scale up. All together it will bring transparency and trust as a design requirement. DataXchange will definity bring to citizens new tools that clearly empower them towards making use of the rights EU has defined for citizens personal data. Erwin's past experiences makes him a serial entrepreneur with great business, vision and communications skills with an innovation mindset