Chuck and his team are go-getters. They are on campus everyday with their Buhz t-shirts promoting the S!%# out of their company. It makes me happy to know there are hard working entrepreneurs as young as the Buhz team working there butts off to launch a successful product. I know they will go far.

Persistent founders. Ask Chuck how he got initial users and iterated on the product. Ask him about his retention and how they tackle issues. They know how to build products and talk to customers. Place your bets.

Brian Clark

Buhz is a great app! I'm a frequent user and their communication and social features make it super easy to stay in contact with my friends on campus!

Chuck is an outgoing and intelligent guy. He doesn't stop at the surface level, but dives deeper into situations, circumstances, and why things are the way they are. His jack-of-all-trades with design and development is a testament to his curiosity and cunning for how different parts of systems work. Simply put - he is a rockstar.

Dan Rudman
Founder and President, Kade Consulting, LLC

I have had the pleasure of mentoring and consulting for Chuck on and off for the past couple years. He came to me filled with ideas and oozing ambition, but lacking in experience as many entrepreneurs do.

Where Chuck excels is his drive to make his visions real. Instead of moping around, he took his difficulties in finding developers to join his cause as a rally call to learn development himself. He taught himself Java and Android and iOS development in short order. And while he recognizes that he may not be the world's greatest developer, he has closed a gap in his skills, gained an understanding of coding and all that goes with it, and met a large number of developers he can now converse with that will ultimately help him implement his visions.

Today, Chuck is still filled with many new ideas and still oozing ambition. What he's not doing is sitting around waiting for someone else -- he's making his dreams come true, whatever it takes. That's a GOOD investment anywhere.

John Henry Trenchard
Founder / Developer, Magic X

Buhz has enormous potential. The social networking giants of today are not out to enhance our social lives. They are there to steal them from us. Buhz will do just the opposite -- Buhz will make my REAL social life BETTER. Buhz is the social networking website of the tomorrow. I have my Buhz profile. Do you?