David Centofante

David Centofante

Ambitious founder, music lover, brother
General Business
Arlington, US
  • Law Enforcement
  • Business Management

CEO @TinyGig • Co-Founder

Airbnb of live music booking in private settings

Missouri State University

Missouri State University

Defense and Strategic Studies 2008 - 2010

James Madison University

James Madison University

Justice Studies 2004 - 2008


Andrew Cohen Managing Partner at Suit Music recommended TinyGig where David is Co-Founder

TinyGig is a really exciting new company run by some driven and savvy young talent. The opportunity to put artists in front of captive and intimate audiences is a cornerstone to growing an artist's fan base. These passionate music fans drive the buzz of the industry and I believe TinyGig will do a great job connecting talent with need. I can't wait to see how it all develops.

Sarah Catanzaro Head of Data at Mattermark recommended TinyGig where David is Co-Founder

When David presented TinyGig's vision to me, I was immediately impressed. The Canvas investment team gets excited by companies with marketplace business models that can galvanize a passionate and and eager community of talent and consumers. I believe TinyGig can do just that. TinyGig will connect musicians, a hard to find, yet under-utilized asset with audiences in intimate settings; thereby increasing accessibility and convenience. When evaluating marketplaces, we look for companies that can leverage echo chamber effects - TinyGig has already demonstrated that it is highly referenceable in Nashville.

I also have high confidence in David's ability to execute upon his vision. David has proven through his work with the FBI that he is a committed, disciplined leader - yet with a high degree of empathy. I have no doubt that he will be able to inspire his team as well as the other TinyGig stakeholders by setting ambitious but actionable strategic goals.

Jack Abraham Advisor at BrightHome recommended TinyGig where David is Co-Founder

As a fellow serial entrepreneur I can attest to David and Andrews' abilities to succeed. David was precocious and started working as a computer programmer at local company Comscore starting at age 12. His technical understanding combined with his love for music (he was in a band through high school and is a great guitar player) make him the perfect founder for this. It's a very strong founder-market fit.

Similarly Andrew has an incredible background in design. One of the key things in marketplaces like these is building trust with the end user. In the case of Airbnb getting a great design was key to helping people feel comfortable opening their homes to strangers. In the case of TinyGig design may be key in feeling comfortable having strangers come into your home, office or other event space. This also suggests strong founder-market fit.

Just like black car service was the aperture into the transportation market for Uber, performances could be TinyGig's aperture into the gig econonmy

Kristin Luna recommended TinyGig where David is Co-Founder

As a Nashville entertainment reporter, I've never come across a more genius concept for event producers than the Centofante brothers have created with the ethos of TinyGig. It's a genius idea and makes me wonder why know one has ever thought of it before. As someone who also spends a good amount of time organizing networking happy hours and producing conferences and other media events, I'd love to have an easy way to find and book undiscovered talent. Likewise, I can see it being an invaluable resource to the wedding industry. I hope this idea gets off the ground, and I'm confident these men have the chops to pull it off!