Davide La Spina

Davide La Spina

Serial Entrepreneur & Biz Developer. CEO @ WolfWay. Researcher @ BlockchainLab
General Business • Financial
Milan, Italy
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WOLFWAY (crowdway)

CEO @WOLFWAY (crowdway) • Co-Founder

Turn traders into investment opportunities

Aug '15 - Present (5 years 6 months)


CEO @Flowtech • Co-Founder

Artificial Intelligence Emphaty

Wolf of Trading

CEO & Founder @Wolf of Trading • Co-Founder

Crowd Trading Analytics

Amazing things Davide's made
Foundend 4 successful companies, first at 18. And it's only the beginning!

Paolo de Vito

Davide has an outstanding ability to understand customer needs and finding realistic, modern and cutting-edge solutions. He is results driven, patient with great attention to detail. Has been a pleasure to collaborate with him and a great asset his indepth knowledge and understanding of financial markets.

ώ Matteo Rossanigo Upstream Projects Manager at CheBanca! S.p.A - Gruppo Mediobanca recommended WOLFWAY (crowdway) where Davide is Co-Founder

I had the luck to see Wolfway from its birth, since it was only a one-man startup (Wolf of trading): a brilliant marketing idea (along with the famous Di Caprio's movie, it gathered 2k users in a week, capping the DB capacity!) coupled with a simple yet powerful algorithm.

It is the social trading platform that charms me the most.

It did not take long that people, still dazzled by the stunning marketing idea, begun to realize the true value of it.

"The Google of trading" as he loved to say, explaining its business model.
Now Wolfway is the same powerful tool, with an astonishing UI and more features traders really need.

I bet on the success of the idea because the team is passionated about it: they really listen to what customers need. Fully customization, reports on the fly, etc..
I believe they don't fully know what they have in their hands.
Even the widget UI, useful for representing information, has a core value that Wolfway could sell as a separate product.