David Quaglieri

David Quaglieri

a potent combination of skills, insight and innovation that transcends code
Front End Dev • Back End Dev
Melbourne, Australia
  • AJAX
  • Apache
  • Business Analysis
  • CMS
  • Database Design
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise Software
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • LAMP
  • Magento
  • MVC
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • Solution Architecture
  • Team Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Applications
  • Web Development

Team Leader @Cashtivity • Co-Founder

Cashtivity is re-imaging the way in which business is taught and learnt

Jun '13 - Present (7 years 8 months)

Websites OnQ

Director @Websites OnQ • Employee

Jun '06 - Present (14 years 8 months)


Senior Dev @Favourit

Jan '12 - Jan '13 (1 year)

Elan Media Partners

Team Leader @Elan Media Partners

Jan '08 - Mar '11 (3 years 2 months)

Élan Media Partners

Project Manager @√Član Media Partners

Jan '10


Senior Developer @CPM

Jan '07 - Jan '08 (1 year)

Amazing things David's made
David was the key engineer who built v1.0 of Cashtivity from ground up- iterating daily over 18 months, working side by side with Marissa to define the product ,and test it in 30 classrooms.
The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland

Information Environments in Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Usability and Interation Design 2001 - 2003


Rosa Storelli Advisor at Cashtivity recommended Cashtivity where David is Co-Founder

I have been privileged to be the Educational Advisor for CASHTIVITY for 3 years. I have been proud to have worked alongside of Marissa who displays both the passion and determination needed for a Start Up Company. The project based learning tool which is CASHTIVITY is a great plus for the educational world of students as it promotes entrepreneurship and enhances the knowledge of financial literacy - skills much needed by todays students. All schools could use CASHTIVITY across a wide range of subjects and across year levels. It provides a platform for authentic learning to take place!

Nina Demediuk Advisor at Cashtivity recommended Cashtivity where David is Co-Founder

Marissa is a well seasoned entrepreneur with a passion and drive to succeed. She knows her business and market and has a keen 6th sense of what is important to pursue. Although a stickler for process, she is not a slave to it and does not let that get in the way of progress. I have really enjoyed working with Marissa and the rest of her team!

Lenore Kantor Co-Founder at Straight Up recommended Cashtivity where David is Co-Founder

I've been really impressed with Cashtivity's model which encourages entrepreneurship for students. What an amazing way to empower schools, teachers and young kids by teaching about how to start a business at a young age. I think this approach has the potential to not only transform education, but to help the economy by creating a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Adrian Stone Co-Founder at GAN recommended Cashtivity where David is Co-Founder

I have been advising Marissa & her startup, Cashtivity, for more than 12 months now. In that time, Cashtivity has won a number of startup and EdTech awards, and has made a lot of progress with early-adopter schools, teachers, and students in the US & Australia.