David Shpigler

David Shpigler

Business strategist with focus and experience in education market
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Atlanta, US
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Intelligent Pathway

CEO @Intelligent Pathway • Co-Founder

Online Personalized Education

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Founded and operated strategy consulting firm for 14 years

Larry Stewart Advisory Board Member at Multiple Technology Startups recommended Intelligent Pathway where David is Co-Founder

Intelligent Pathway (IP) offers a new and unique approach to education for a variety of student segments. It is based on an adaptive learning platform which brings education to an individual level, helping students focus on areas where they need help the most. The concept and its strategy withstood the rigors of the initial Georgia Tech ATDC incubator process, where IP continues as a a member today. The company's passionate founder, David Shpigler, and his co-founder, Gary Sonnier, augmented their own experience by bringing together an impressive group of team members and advisors skilled in education, education technology, IT, data and analytics, strategy, and go-to-market planning and execution, thus providing Intelligent Pathway the essential ingredients for future success.

Jane McCracken Advisor at Seek Beast recommended Intelligent Pathway where David is Co-Founder

Intelligent Pathway is a member of the ATDC, the business incubator and accelerator at Georgia Tech. They are able to utilize the resources available at the ATDC and across the Georgia Tech campus to help them build their adaptive learning technology and grow their business. They are creating a learning experience that can be tailored to the needs and style of the individual student vs the "one size fits all" classroom approach.