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Your first and most important asset when securing investors is your pitch deck. Our FREE pitch deck templates have been vetted by the most well-respected angels, VCs and accelerators. They're professionally designed and contain your foundational slides, along with pro tips. Free with a Tweet.


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    It is really helpful for excellent presentation purpose.

    - Kamal Ranabhat
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    Nice clean slides with modern look

    - Antonia Warren
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    Experts. - Never expected a look like that - I owe you guys! Thanks

    - Lawrence Patrick
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    Froced me tweeet a link and repeat. Did not take me to step 2.

    - Bharath Lohray
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    Very nice work! covers all needed questions in the most digest form

    - Farshid Izadi
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    Still comfused

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    Easy to access and a great deal. Used the chat function on the website. Helpful and professional.

    - William Benz
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    The ppt was very interesting..thank you

    - Sandeep Ramesh
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    A Best guide for business presentation.

    - Muneeb Aly
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    That's a great one!

    - Alexander Key
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    It's a decent deal. I thought there would be more variety and more options, so I wouldn't claim that it was worth $150. But it was still very helpful so thank you! I'm really very greatful.

    - Mario Demetriou
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    Including examples is very important for a start-up... Try adding this to your content statergy...

    - Raghu Ranganath
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    awesome deal!

    - Fawaz Shakralla
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    helps move along a presentation to high quality quickly

    - Whitney Richards
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    I love the templates, they contain the most important guide/elements for startup pitches

    - anne njuguna
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    - Fhabyo Matesick
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    super template - can't wait to load it up with my information. thank you so much!

    - amanda costanzi
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    I hope that I have got the deal.

    - Rashedul hasan chowdhury
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    Great design and useful insights I'm very happy with the deal

    - Luis Diniz
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    Great deck to provide you with the tools to structure your VC pitch so as not to miss out on the important parts. A+++

    - Leoni Milano
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    - Rupali Krishna
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    Honestly the slides were ok but nothing special. It would be a cool free download, but to call it a deal may be a bit too much

    - Jonathan Kahan
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    Great Do it yourself product. Thanks!

    - Ramy Elmery
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    Good basic template if you don't already have one. Free for tweeting the good word.

    - Dan Taneja
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    Though we did not use it yet it seems simply great!

    - Mark Heifets
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    Free is always great, but this is actually a great guide that suggests some structure when building a deck in a pinch (StartUp Weekend competition)!

    - Feliks Samborski
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    Nice to have something to reference to from people who have put in the time to get it right.

    - Jay Japra
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    Clear & succinct with all the key data investors really want to know. Nice design too.

    - Adam Coutts
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    Pretty useful template for new entrepreneurs who may have no idea how to do up a convincing pitch deck for investors

    - David Yeng
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    - Bhanu Prasad
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    very usefull information

    - Paola Rodríguez Zuccone
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    Shared on Twitter, but didn't get the templates. Checked my spam folder, not in there either.

    - Emy Carlan
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    Thank you so much for such a great deal! Super easy to use and the end product was brilliant, great job, thanks again.

    - Theuri Mwangi
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    very good decks for free, missing only some tranquility in it - thank you

    - Carmen Schoene
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    I believe that the deal was awesome!

    - Sean Jones
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    Awesome deck. The icons are so modern and classy!

    - Uday Chaka
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    It is a very good template for an elevator pitch but it is just so, a template.

    - Diego Balboa
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    It's a simple, editable beginner template. Great for throwing together a quick pitch in a pinch. The on page guides are a nice touch.

    - Bay Shaffer
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    I really appreciate your effort on this excellent deal!

    - Roberto Pérez Hernández
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    It help me to improve my pitch and the designs are awesome

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    It's great. People always want a new type of format

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    its amazing

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    excellent solution for my problem! thank you

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    It was not possible to download after the share on Twitter.

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    this is the best...

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    It is useful and well-done on the detail

    - Min-Hung Hsu
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    This is awesome! loved the pitch deck template.

    - Pratik Gandhi
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    Proffisional and short

    - Ali Alghamdi
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    I don't understand the price, the presentation is useful as a basis to start working but really wtf 3'500 $ you can find free template like this all over the Internet.

    - Lucas Vandroux
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    Simple and easy to use...even for a non-computer type, it was following our way of doing things by using the KISS principal.

    - Philip Choban
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    its a great deal for startup

    - Collins Squat
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    No download provided. Complete trash

    - Joe C
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    - Rushikesh PAtel
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    I tried to get the pitch deck about a dozen times and was never able to download it. I tried going directly through their website and never received an email for download either. It's broken.

    - Marcel Petitpas
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    Great pitch deck!

    - Michelle Caudle
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    Still a few features to add in, but worked great for us! Thank you!

    - Andrea Woodruff
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    Good design!

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    The deal was awesome. Very grateful for the opportunity.

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    Super helpful. Thank you guys!

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    Excellent !!! Thanks ...

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    Good for beginners

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    Awesome! Best one I've seen. would love to get a keynote version!

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    Great template! It's not just a clean and visually appealing template, but it also gives the entrepreneur recommendations on what needs to be included in their pitch deck.

    - Jeff Debrosse
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    Great template!

    - MyBest Lda
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    Saved me for my Demo Day in Founder Institute Bulgaria ,

    - Nedko Nedkov
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    Not working, i did what you asked but as i wasn't redirected to download it or received it by email so i deleted the tweet and i'm not really happy with what you claim provide

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    Great resource especially for first timers!!

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    Well done and graphically efficient :)

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    Absolutely fantastic..anyone looking to attract investors must have this...

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    very useful

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    Câng bằng tỷ xuất App

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    Very helpful templates. Good deal with no strings!

    - L. Okey Onyejekwe Jr., M.D.
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    Could not download the material. Would not recommend.

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    Awesome value

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    Great template deck!

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    Useful deal ..... strongly recommend

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    Great succinct and well designed template for anyone needing guidance on building a deck.

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    it will help startups presents their ideas and get support for their development.

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    I have not recieved it yet

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    thanks - I liked your pitch deck

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    I apologize for having used up your time. I very much appreciate your kind offer. Please forgive an "old dude" for being so out of touch. Already had a template on my system so did not use yours.

    - Lieutenant Frederick Georges
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    A well designed ,professional ppt. Can be used in many ways,but designed for start-us.

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    It was nice template provided by Pitch Dec Templates. i would like to thank team and say Best of Luck. :D, and also would like to recommend.

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    Will see how it works.

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    Its very handy and very helpful, especially for me who just started learning entrepreneurial thing :)

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    Yes it's a sure win win!

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    Their site didn't even load. So deal doesn't work.

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    Good deck.

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    Really appreciate it, was extremely useful and very kind of you to offer it for free!

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    This set is not just aesthetics, but also substance. You guys have explained things very well in the side notes. The flow of the information and the story throughout has a good sequence. Thanks :)

    - Vinny Lohan
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    The pitch deck helped greatly with my Startup Weekend pitch

    - Chad Carpenter
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    Super cool, easy to customize and generally just makes live easier for anyone looking for clean slides. Nothing short of perfection

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    I thought it was great! The Pitch Deck looks top notch.

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    it is not simple to download, you have to twit about it. Quality is OK.

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    I never received the template r the link/password to download it.

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    Its perfect!

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    It's a fair and reasonable deal.

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    I am pro in creating Power Point presentations and have to admit this presentation is really amazing! So simple but powerful

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    I do not have a Facebook page and they required me to share on Facebook, felt a little aggressive since i did not even have chance to review product.

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    Straight forward approach and gives more insight about investors interest.

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    A great solution for us with our limited time to prepare our pitch.

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    If you get it, its worth deal.

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    The deck is contemporary yet professional. Great job!

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    very good

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    Think is an excellent pitch deck. It covers everything a startup needs for an angel or venture presentation.

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    I appreciate it and it is of mild use...

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    It forces you to Twitter-endorse them before downloading.

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    Really a good starting point for a pitch deck!

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    Generic and good

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    Dana of New Haircut gave me a full pack of decks. They have saved me days of work. Thanks Dana.

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    the slides were not that slick. Looks like a powerpoint

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    I am only interested in working capital. . Thank youwe have a great deal of customers and business that is low tech

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    It didn't work! I shared multiple times on Twitter, the Popup never came. I wanted to try it again the next few days and the page never loaded at all. So I removed it from Twitter - can't recommend!!

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    I have been trying to get information on what an investor's deck is and how to write one. I'm convinced this deal is perfect for me.

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    Nice for a freebie.... wouldn't pay the asking price though!

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    5 satr

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    The slides provide helpful tips regarding the information to highlight in your pitch. The graphics are ok. Better than I could do myself, but a little too simple.

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    Really worth it

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    I found this deck to be helpful for my startup pitch.

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    Very good

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    I did not receive any link after posting their advertisement text on my Linkedin (Emailed New Haircut a screenshot)

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    i found it to be quite a male ware attempt

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    Liked it. Nice font that came with it as well.

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    Great aesthetic appeal!!! I am currently uploading content from our current pitch deck to the template provided by HairCut anticipating a much improved visual presentation.

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    Great pitch deck!

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    I am working through the major obstacles on my own, mentor here and there. That will give me the most personally rewarding experiencing.

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    Great stuff. Really useful and time saving.

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    Great template. Should probably support multiple downloads.

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    This is a great Pitch Deck! I have been working in it this weekend, and even though I have changed my entire pitch last week, this template made the change so much easier! Thank you, great product!

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    The Pitch Deck looks very well made, professionally designed, to the point and with some great examples to use. Highly recommended!

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    Beatiful presentaion template

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    I could not access the download link, despite engaging in the 'pay by tweeting' process! Most frustrating...

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    Deck is nicely crafted and provides good guidelines

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    Awesome template for a pitch deck. Complete with good looking styles, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    The templates are brilliant... they look professional and cover all the areas you would need to deliver to a prospective investor

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    Awesome deck

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    great deal, loved the template

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    Brilliant, crisp and clean looking and simple to amend.

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    New Haircut's free pitch deck template is one of the easiest and most intuitive templates that I have ever used. The design is absolutely fantastic!

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    Nice, anything "brand new", but a good structure and a nice layout… so useful.

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    Super template for starters

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    It's a good starting point for startups; having a "starting place" for pitch deck development. However, each deck needs to be unique and tailored to individual business needs; seek professional help.

    - Laura Wiley
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    well designed, concise, to the point and light and digestable. Great pitch. Really recommend it

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    It appears to be free but then requires you to put it in your facebook/twitter feed. This is not free as it costs you friends who don't want to be annoyed by your posts that are not interesting......

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    they put a lot of work into the pitch deck - although I am not sure if one size fits all - I definately apprciate the effort and information

    - Edward Isin
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    Nice template. Will I use it in an actual investor pitch? I'm not sure, but it has given me a few good ideas.

    - Clint Laskowski
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    I liked it, and it was easy to follow, as how to do it. Next, I would like to see movement added to the powerpoint, to refocus the audience.

    - JD Bock