Free Sales Deck Template

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You have a huge sales pitch coming up. Should you (a) kill yourself creating your presentation from scratch, or (b) use a polished template from a team of designers that live and breathe presentations tuned to help you close your deal? So, what are you waiting for?


  • Profile picture of Nicola Tasselli

    It's ok for long presentation.

    - Nicola Tasselli
  • Profile picture of Thomas Jodar

    Nice and clear presentation. Good material to prepare something custom according to the brand identity. Thanks a lot! Thomas

    - Thomas Jodar
  • Profile picture of Jorge Gudino

    Good pitchdeck. Thank you

    - Jorge Gudino
  • Profile picture of Mark Lencke

    More options for small icon inserts and better explanations on each slide might be helpful. Mediocre content as it is. It was free so I'll take it.

    - Mark Lencke
  • Profile picture of Edward Tobin


    - Edward Tobin
  • Profile picture of Fawaz Shakralla


    - Fawaz Shakralla
  • Profile picture of Scott Hill

    I really like the layout. Covers all the main area to point out to the client. I also appreciate the multiple version options on the deck. Great job!

    - Scott Hill
  • Profile picture of Kerry Williams

    I'm in the middle of adding my own content now. It's been easy enough to use for my basic needs. I like the helpful directive prompts on each page.

    - Kerry Williams
  • Profile picture of Houcem Maiza

    Awesome,pure awesomness

    - Houcem Maiza
  • Profile picture of Quentin Roquigny

    Good deal even if I was expecting more.

    - Quentin Roquigny
  • Profile picture of Jess Gonzalez

    Loved the slide deck! Really nice layout and flow of presentation.

    - Jess Gonzalez
  • Profile picture of

    Really good deal!

  • Profile picture of Peter Clarke

    Well done. Thank you

    - Peter Clarke
  • Profile picture of Maciej Dulski

    Nothing special. I've made better template myself...

    - Maciej Dulski
  • Profile picture of Rah Yuliantoro

    It is flexible and usefull to begin with for a startup sales (who need fast and don't have the big marketing team).

    - Rah Yuliantoro
  • Profile picture of Roberto Pérez Hernández

    It is awesome!

    - Roberto Pérez Hernández
  • Profile picture of Mike G

    The deck is very basic in its graphics/imagery.

    - Mike G
  • Profile picture of Collins Squat

    Can not fine the deal

    - Collins Squat
  • Profile picture of Derrick Parson

    I chose the wrong deal

    - Derrick Parson
  • Profile picture of Rajesh Bhutada

    Still haven't heard from them

    - Rajesh Bhutada
  • Profile picture of Nitthin Chandran Nair

    the link was dead.

    - Nitthin Chandran Nair
  • Profile picture of Ludmila Matuhina
  • Profile picture of Bobby Hasebos

    nice format!

    - Bobby Hasebos
  • Profile picture of Nedko Nedkov

    very good slides indeed!

    - Nedko Nedkov
  • Profile picture of soner haci

    they could send more tamplates and not always the same tampl

    - soner haci
  • Profile picture of Gabriela Roque

    Amazing! It really helps!

    - Gabriela Roque
  • Profile picture of Denise Anne Taylor

    The Sales Deck Template was a useful tool to kick-start a sales presentation. Very easy to implement. Thank you!

    - Denise Anne Taylor
  • Profile picture of Roland Pokornyik

    Great quality templates for FREE

    - Roland Pokornyik
  • Profile picture of Donna Sanders

    Super resource!

    - Donna Sanders
  • Profile picture of Ernesto Ho

    An Essential Tool For StartUps!

    - Ernesto Ho
  • Profile picture of Mark Dorrill

    Good visual appearance but the structure was not appealing, based on functionality of services rather than outcomes which is critical to sales success.

    - Mark Dorrill
  • Profile picture of Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS

    Very useful template!

    - Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS