Free Sales Deck Template

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You have a huge sales pitch coming up. Should you (a) kill yourself creating your presentation from scratch, or (b) use a polished template from a team of designers that live and breathe presentations tuned to help you close your deal? So, what are you waiting for?


  • Profile picture of Scott Hill

    I really like the layout. Covers all the main area to point out to the client. I also appreciate the multiple version options on the deck. Great job!

    - Scott Hill
  • Profile picture of Kerry Williams

    I'm in the middle of adding my own content now. It's been easy enough to use for my basic needs. I like the helpful directive prompts on each page.

    - Kerry Williams
  • Profile picture of Houcem Maiza

    Awesome,pure awesomness

    - Houcem Maiza
  • Profile picture of Quentin Roquigny

    Good deal even if I was expecting more.

    - Quentin Roquigny
  • Profile picture of Jess Gonzalez

    Loved the slide deck! Really nice layout and flow of presentation.

    - Jess Gonzalez
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    Really good deal!

  • Profile picture of Peter Clarke

    Well done. Thank you

    - Peter Clarke
  • Profile picture of Maciej Dulski

    Nothing special. I've made better template myself...

    - Maciej Dulski
  • Profile picture of Rah Yuliantoro

    It is flexible and usefull to begin with for a startup sales (who need fast and don't have the big marketing team).

    - Rah Yuliantoro
  • Profile picture of Roberto Pérez Hernández

    It is awesome!

    - Roberto Pérez Hernández
  • Profile picture of Mike G

    The deck is very basic in its graphics/imagery.

    - Mike G
  • Profile picture of Collins Squat

    Can not fine the deal

    - Collins Squat
  • Profile picture of Derrick Parson

    I chose the wrong deal

    - Derrick Parson
  • Profile picture of Rajesh Bhutada

    Still haven't heard from them

    - Rajesh Bhutada
  • Profile picture of Nitthin Chandran Nair

    the link was dead.

    - Nitthin Chandran Nair
  • Profile picture of Ludmila Matuhina
  • Profile picture of Bobby Hasebos

    nice format!

    - Bobby Hasebos
  • Profile picture of Nedko Nedkov

    very good slides indeed!

    - Nedko Nedkov
  • Profile picture of soner haci

    they could send more tamplates and not always the same tampl

    - soner haci
  • Profile picture of Gabriela Roque

    Amazing! It really helps!

    - Gabriela Roque
  • Profile picture of Denise Anne Taylor

    The Sales Deck Template was a useful tool to kick-start a sales presentation. Very easy to implement. Thank you!

    - Denise Anne Taylor
  • Profile picture of Roland Pokornyik

    Great quality templates for FREE

    - Roland Pokornyik
  • Profile picture of Donna Sanders

    Super resource!

    - Donna Sanders
  • Profile picture of Ernesto Ho

    An Essential Tool For StartUps!

    - Ernesto Ho
  • Profile picture of Mark Dorrill

    Good visual appearance but the structure was not appealing, based on functionality of services rather than outcomes which is critical to sales success.

    - Mark Dorrill
  • Profile picture of Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS

    Very useful template!

    - Evangelos PAPADOPOULOS