1 year's free ESET IT security

$699.00 value

Get up to 20 free licenses for ESET Endpoint Security for all your devices. Premium protection for your startup’s Windows, OS X, Linux and Android endpoints. Enjoy award-winning, high-speed malware detection, low system footprint and outstanding usability from top-5 global IT security vendor ESET.


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    The ESET internet security is doing very well. I recommend this deal especially in my country Nepal. Thank You ESET for support.

    - Kamal Ranabhat
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    eset is great product I love it and I will keep use it. Thanks eset for your supporting

    - Mohammed Dgameen
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    So Fast So Protected ... Thank you ESET

    - Hamza Zogarh
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    It's a really nice deal. Thanks a lot!!

    - Shaantanu Gaur
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    Excellent deal

    - Chowdhury Ahsan
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    I got the deal within 24hrs. It is working fine on my system

    - Agboola AJIBADE
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    One of the best out there. Period. Excellent customer service.

    - Vyshakh Dharan
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    It's great anyway

    - Konstantin Matasov
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    Great help!

    - Rui Cordeiro
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    I recommended it Strongly thanks a lot ♥

    - Saif Al Ali
  • Profile picture of Bill Dockett, MA, LAC, SAP, CCGC, CCDP-D

    great deal, only issue it did not cover mobile devices version

    - Bill Dockett, MA, LAC, SAP, CCGC, CCDP-D
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    Eset is great deal

    - Dante Williams
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    this good i will try out now

    - Andi Harpianto
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    Thanks to ESET team, I really recommend this free Deal

    - reza falakimoghaddam
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    Great. Thank you !

    - Jan Guzanic
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    This a good deal. Thank you Eset for the free security solution.

    - Arshad Uzair
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    Very Good

    - Riwaj Ghimire
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    It worked perfectly! I have installed it on my PC.. Eset´s team was very helpful during the process.

    - Lucia Cardozo
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    Awesome!!! Thank you!

    - balazs szatmari
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    - soner haci
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    Perfect deal! Got it the next day, right away. Their support was very helpful and kind! Thank you!

    - Alexandr Panek
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    It was a seamless process to redeem the deal offer. Awesome ESET!!! I feel safe

    - Olukayode Alao
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    great Deal, helps a lot, Thanks!

    - Simon Koch
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    Great IT Security tools with lot features and light on systems :)

    - Santo Soetarmin
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    Eset is a good software to protect our IT and of a good team :)

    - Rijal Tanjung
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    It's magnificently for us to get this gift! Very very thanks!

    - Vladimir Iefremov
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    Great offer from ESET to support all StartUp's around the world! Thank you!

    - Christos Galousis
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    Prompt response from their sales support. I would highly recommend ESET even if this deal expires.

    - Amit Vaghasiya
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    I didn't get any deal or an email or any thing at all :(

    - Usman Nazir
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    - Shiva Mishra
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    They provided me with the licenses & the application seems to be working good.

    - Shakib Mir
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    i havent received it for more than 2 days now

    - Baltazar Lucas
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    nothing, not heard from them

    - Mark Mikkelson
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    Nice deal for all startups. I like Eset products.

    - Виталий Шатилов
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    I was already using Eset Security because their software is great. It's a cool thing that they provide free license for F6s startups.

    - Cezar Nourescu
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    It's a great gift to startup businesses!

    - Bálint Drahota-Szabó