50% off Precision Workstation

$790.00 value

This season upgrade your current systems with the world’s most secure, most manageable and most reliable business-class laptops from Dell. Celebrate the holidays with savings up to 50% on select Dell Precision Workstations after applying your member coupon.


  • Profile picture of Kevin Granville

    Got a great deal but it wasn't exactly what it said. Was supposed to be 50% off but ended up being 5%. Still got a good laptop for under $500

    - Kevin Granville
  • Profile picture of Geert Van Houdt

    Doesn't work :-(

    - Geert Van Houdt
  • Profile picture of Michele Tivey

    There as no place to enter this promo code at checkout, and I tried for several minutes. When I tried to apply the deal post sale (within minutes of checkout) they would not apply the code. NO DEAL

    - Michele Tivey
  • Profile picture of Facundo Rauber

    very good, because it helps to get a computer at low cost

    - Facundo Rauber
  • Profile picture of Paul Martin

    Only appears to be valid for the USA site. I had to contact dell directly to get a discount for the UK site. If this can be improved for other regions that would be much better.

    - Paul Martin
  • Profile picture of Dimitrios Karakasilis

    There is no discount of 50% off on any of the products. But there are discounts up to 39% on some products. Did not buy something yet so that's all I know for now.

    - Dimitrios Karakasilis
  • Profile picture of Renaud Million

    Code doesn't work for UK - poor customer service. We didn't manage to process our order. Shame as we really wanted to order hardware from Dell.

    - Renaud Million
  • Profile picture of Tariq Segal

    This deal is not available in Australia

    - Tariq Segal
  • Profile picture of Anthony Koltenuk

    the website did not show the deal as advertised.

    - Anthony Koltenuk