90 days of Hotjar Business

$270.00 value

Hotjar is offering 3 months of their Pro plan to F6Sers. Enjoy a great all-in-one analytics and feedback platform to track heatmaps, funnels, recordings or surveys for your product. Start understanding your customers now!


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    - Lucas Martins
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    pretty cool

    - Amarjeet Sharma
  • Profile picture of Olivier LE FAOUDER

    Excellent to work on the funnel of conversion Thank you

    - Olivier LE FAOUDER
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    - Call Me Spa
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    I really like it. Thank you

    - Lionel Kevin
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    - Hajar Hajji
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    It's a fantastic deal, Hotjar is an amazing piece of software.

    - Christoffer Prompovitch
  • Profile picture of Joseph McElmeel

    Definitely a great deal as we use Hotjar and couldn't afford the Pro version. This is going to get us through our Beta period which we will also offer to F6S users for free! Giving back!

    - Joseph McElmeel
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    it is Awesome

    - Ebrahem Anwar
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    Amazing Deal. Amazing tool

    - Sebastian Salazar
  • Profile picture of Luiz Barrozo

    it did not work for me I could not get the deal

    - Luiz Barrozo
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    So far we love hotjar - easy to set up, very friendly user interface, amazing features. We are particularly thrilled about the recordings! Thank you hotjar and f6s for the chance to try it!

    - Gabriela Mihailescu
  • Profile picture of George Oliveira

    Great value for money, the plan on offer was enough to track a "normal" small business website, and the limits are very high. The tool itself is very easy to integrate either manually or via Googletag

    - George Oliveira
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    Great tool for UX testing

    - Maciej Jankowski
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    - Omar Amiri