650 points

US & Canada-based F6S members get this exclusive offer to earn 650 Business Extra points. You'll get the points which can redeemed for travel awards and benefits after your first flight on American Airlines. The benefit is not available to companies who are already enrolled in the program


  • Profile picture of Wes Daggett

    yes except i didn't get the points in my AA account

    - Wes Daggett
  • Profile picture of Michael maindal Jensen Jensen
  • Profile picture of ANDREW MOGBOLU

    just like that it good to be here

  • Profile picture of Isaias Solaeche

    it s great

    - Isaias Solaeche
  • Profile picture of Jon Magnusson

    Its good

    - Jon Magnusson
  • Profile picture of Bradley Arlen

    It was expired.

    - Bradley Arlen
  • Profile picture of Owner Owner


    - Owner Owner
  • Profile picture of Mustafa Mohamed Osman

    It is agood deal

    - Mustafa Mohamed Osman
  • Profile picture of Md Delowar

    hello regard ,As a google partner i like American Airlines linked with my website to recommend 6fb support.

    - Md Delowar
  • Profile picture of Cleve Mesidor

    I fly with AA often!

    - Cleve Mesidor
  • Profile picture of Victor Sinkala

    Nice deal

    - Victor Sinkala
  • Profile picture of Ebrahim Karam

    Only available for startups in the us

    - Ebrahim Karam
  • Profile picture of Stacey Segal

    It only is good for new accounts.

    - Stacey Segal
  • Profile picture of Roberto F. Salazar-Córdova

    Unfortunately not in my routes. It could be more extended via OneWorld with LATAM?

    - Roberto F. Salazar-Córdova
  • Profile picture of Justin Kear

    Cool if you want to set up a new business account, but not useful if you already have an AA account.

    - Justin Kear
  • Profile picture of Michαel Cheng

    Meh, not much value to 650 pts

    - Michαel Cheng
  • Profile picture of Gustavo Lopes

    Very good for EtecWork

    - Gustavo Lopes
  • Profile picture of Jesse Harris

    Couldn't get it to work

    - Jesse Harris
  • Profile picture of Henry Nikoro

    Not so bad.

    - Henry Nikoro
  • Profile picture of Lua Cooper

    Rubbish. I'm British, so it doesn't work for me - even though I always fly American while I'm out there.

    - Lua Cooper
  • Profile picture of Manish Sharma

    Still waiting for the response

    - Manish Sharma
  • Profile picture of kaysan islam

    It's really lovely deal and nice our all of f6s members. I think it's better deal for exploring they're self. also good for us, I wish they're best of planning and hope get they're vision.

    - kaysan islam
  • Profile picture of Дмитрий Курбатов

    This has got to do to move forward. Start growth. This is the future of my growth

    - Дмитрий Курбатов
  • Profile picture of Edwin Hernandez

    I have not used it

    - Edwin Hernandez
  • Profile picture of Edward Willis

    For business travelers it is an excellent deal. Basicly buy one, get one on steroids.

    - Edward Willis
  • Profile picture of Jhon bray Nuñez mendoza
  • Profile picture of antonio sagansay

    nice i like it

    - antonio sagansay
  • Profile picture of Bryan Glenn

    The link connects you to aa's website and it's not registering for the 2 free passes.

    - Bryan Glenn
  • Profile picture of Paola Rodríguez Zuccone

    I think that the better way to stay in client`s mind is making partnerships with big and small companies like start up, becouse we creat value for people.

    - Paola Rodríguez Zuccone
  • Profile picture of Miguel Almagro

    It was not aplicable for european start ups, Its only for US based companies

    - Miguel Almagro
  • Profile picture of Jacquelin Alcius

    good deal for start up

    - Jacquelin Alcius
  • Profile picture of Kendall Tucker

    doesn't work

    - Kendall Tucker
  • Profile picture of Aquiles La Grave

    Was so looking forward to this, but didn't seem to receive any points after I completed the registration. Complete bummer...

    - Aquiles La Grave
  • Profile picture of Michelle Urban

    I couldn't sign up for the deal because I am already enrolled.

    - Michelle Urban
  • Profile picture of Calvin Liu

    It isn't as good as some of the Business Extra signup perks in the past, but it is the best thing going now. I actually signed up before I saw this, but American Airlines was kind enough to add anyway

    - Calvin Liu
  • Profile picture of Michael G. Smith

    Very few points to the customer for what AA is asking of the customer

    - Michael G. Smith
  • Profile picture of Leiti Hsu

    Don't know the value of that many points. Plus, I'm already a Business Extra member. We at Journy believe more story and access or straight up free flight -- or meh!

    - Leiti Hsu