Up to $100k Google Hosting

$100,000.00 value

Google Cloud Hosting is offering F6S members up to $100,000 in credit for use on Cloud Platform. Cloud Platform Credits are used for hosting, applications, storage, big data and support. Google will award you from $2,000 to $100,000 credits depending on your stage, funding and revenue.


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    Perfekt for rast growing🤝😄😄

    - Erald Norja
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    - Chun-Li AC
  • Profile picture of Anil Kumar Sinha

    Jab tak mere pass audio video animation ka vyavastha nhi hoga to sirf hosting ka ham kya krenge

    - Anil Kumar Sinha
  • Profile picture of David Parackal

    Great. Who needs help reach there and help, support them is humanity. God's blessings always with them. If every body can do that God expecting change happen in the earth. Heaven open to earth.

    - David Parackal
  • Profile picture of Anil Kumar Sinha

    Ham lenge lekin this time we have no money for other work ....

    - Anil Kumar Sinha
  • Profile picture of Ibrahim Hassan

    I applied for it, but I didnt receive it yet. THe process is not clear till now.

    - Ibrahim Hassan
  • Profile picture of Abayomi Oladipupo

    It will help startup in hosting their project on google

    - Abayomi Oladipupo
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    - Sally-Ann Mighty
  • Profile picture of Dan Medina

    Always Great to think Global!

    - Dan Medina
  • Profile picture of Yv De

    I think it's a good deal to start a great productive buisness

    - Yv De
  • Profile picture of Victor Otieno

    The deal was good

    - Victor Otieno
  • Profile picture of Bernard Keikara Mugume

    The deal is good, but you gave us option thats limited to me, my debt card was rejected but I really need it. I need your assistance. My website is https://fyfug.org. Please help me out.

    - Bernard Keikara Mugume
  • Profile picture of marouen chebbi

    it's good for me

    - marouen chebbi
  • Profile picture of Isyaku Abdullahi

    Deal has been very important in the growth of business at any stage. It brings mutual benefit from the both sides to me it an opportunity for one let his business/service known wold.

    - Isyaku Abdullahi
  • Profile picture of Moses Msenyima

    Real deal for me

    - Moses Msenyima
  • Profile picture of Daniel Ekene Ngidi

    Subscription must be used starting with free trial.

    - Daniel Ekene Ngidi
  • Profile picture of Anele  Dlamini

    Im trying to figure it out

    - Anele Dlamini
  • Profile picture of Ines Schiller (she/her)

    you have to apply for it that sucks

    - Ines Schiller (she/her)
  • Profile picture of Felicia Fields

    Sounds like a great deal

    - Felicia Fields
  • Profile picture of Taher Mohamed

    جميله جدا انا اريد هذه الصفقه من فضلكم انا في احتياج لتمويل مشروعي

    - Taher Mohamed
  • Profile picture of Doris Amachukwu

    Don't understand it

    - Doris Amachukwu
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    - Jonaz ben
  • Profile picture of Bassam Erbia

    Yes, it helps in self-development and helps in machine development

    - Bassam Erbia
  • Profile picture of Terry  Ellis

    It is awesome deal and it will sure help me out and get out of debt and I can opened up my own business and get a house to buy ..And I would recommend u guys to everyone ..Thank you and have a great d

    - Terry Ellis
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    - Jerry Smales
  • Profile picture of Timmins Langeveldt

    I applied to the deal, and didn't recieve any email or phone call. This is typical neglectful behaviour from Google. Even though I'm a registered Google Developer. I never recieve support when in need

    - Timmins Langeveldt
  • Profile picture of Gulnaz Khusainova

    I applied a couple of days ago but haven't received any confirmation / emails from Google.

    - Gulnaz Khusainova
  • Profile picture of Jamil Akhtar

    I have not received any communication from Google to get the offer activated, waiting. Please do the needful. Regards, JA

    - Jamil Akhtar