12 Months of Free SendGrid

$4,000.00 value

All F6S members will get access to 12 months of credits on the SendGrid platform. To redeem apply via link provided AND answer "F6S Member" to the question: "How did you find out about our startup program?"


  • Profile picture of Vivek Dwivedi

    fake fake fake. Dont waste time here bois

    - Vivek Dwivedi
  • Profile picture of Fredrik Nilsson
  • Profile picture of Jon Just

    You understand that they require you to apply for the deal and it's not just given right? I applied and have not heard anything back.

    - Jon Just
  • Profile picture of John Bitrus Mathias

    Is a welcome development

    - John Bitrus Mathias
  • Profile picture of Manil Gupta

    It's an awesome offer for early-stage startups. Kudos to team Sendgrid.

    - Manil Gupta
  • Profile picture of José David  Castro


    - José David Castro
  • Profile picture of Damien Cavaillès

    Filled the form at 10 am and was talking with a human over skype at 3pm. AWESOME

    - Damien Cavaillès
  • Profile picture of Raja Manohar

    This isn't working for me

    - Raja Manohar
  • Profile picture of Saurabh Moody

    I used the code and received an email from BRENDEN/SENDGRID for my account : realboxsendgrid@realbox.in but they never applied it. I did send few mails asking but no reply.

    - Saurabh Moody
  • Profile picture of Yash Saxena

    It didnt work.

    - Yash Saxena
  • Profile picture of Razvan Girmacea

    only if part of 3 selected accelerators

    - Razvan Girmacea
  • Profile picture of Yash Saxena

    The deal didnt work as advertised. No way to use alpha card when sent to accelerate application link!

    - Yash Saxena
  • Profile picture of Sean O'Brien

    They worked fast to get me up and running. I was sending in days. Looks to be a scalable solution for us.

    - Sean O'Brien
  • Profile picture of Yunus Tonse

    Havnt got any response from the team.

    - Yunus Tonse
  • Profile picture of Arik Marmorstein

    But didn't get it yet, they want to chat on the phone.

    - Arik Marmorstein
  • Profile picture of Nikita Dedik

    SendGrid is a great platform itself, but with the Pro plan you have even more flexibility!

    - Nikita Dedik
  • Profile picture of Nikita Dedik

    SendGrid doesn't respond! And the application form is now dead (error 404). What's wrong?!

    - Nikita Dedik
  • Profile picture of raj parakh

    no response from sendgrid team

    - raj parakh
  • Profile picture of Denis Skachidub

    It's a great plan. I already worked on monkey mail and on mailjet. It is going to be a great help for me during my work for an advertiser.

    - Denis Skachidub