Airbnb for Business $50 credit

$50.00 value

All users who sign up for Airbnb for Business get $50 credit when completing their first business stay at an Airbnb listing, we’ll give you a $50 coupon to use towards their next Airbnb trip. Offer is available for existing Airbnb users who have not previously used Airbnb for Business.


  • Profile picture of Richard Zhu

    it doesn't work!

    - Richard Zhu
  • Profile picture of Tarvo Õng


    - Tarvo Õng
  • Profile picture of James Salsman

    no credit was ever offered following the instructions

    - James Salsman
  • Profile picture of Roxana Daria Florea

    I can not see any credit on my profile

    - Roxana Daria Florea
  • Profile picture of Francesca Pileggi

    Not clear how to access the discount, not a clear discount code.

    - Francesca Pileggi
  • Profile picture of Sergey Vladimirov

    Didnt get any discount :(

    - Sergey Vladimirov
  • Profile picture of Martin Mizera

    Hope to use it in the future, if not too many strings attached. mm

    - Martin Mizera
  • Profile picture of Sean O'Brien

    great britain only

    - Sean O'Brien
  • Profile picture of Camila Monteiro

    any of my friends have an email without

    - Camila Monteiro
  • Profile picture of Melissa S. McHugh

    I couldn't use it but it's a great deal!

    - Melissa S. McHugh