Social CRM from Nimble

$150.00 value

Free social sales & marketing platform. Turn conversations into relationships & revenue. Offer: Extended Business trial for 60 days (New Accounts Only) 1. Click on "Get" on this page to generate the F6S offer email to our care team. 2. Sign up for our trial:


  • Profile picture of Akanbi Rosheedah

    It offers the best

    - Akanbi Rosheedah
  • Profile picture of John Nicholson

    Good system

    - John Nicholson
  • Profile picture of Link Solar

    greate ,like it

    - Link Solar
  • Profile picture of Ludmila Matuhina

    Надеюсь и жду

    - Ludmila Matuhina
  • Profile picture of Olukayode Alao

    It was a seamless process to redeem the deal offer

    - Olukayode Alao
  • Profile picture of Matthew Argent

    Very fast response and everything works as it should.

    - Matthew Argent
  • Profile picture of Lisa Howard


    - Lisa Howard
  • Profile picture of Kelly Warner


    - Kelly Warner
  • Profile picture of Bill Watson

    I haven't heard anything from anyone in regars to the deal. Nothing from Nimble Social CRM.

    - Bill Watson
  • Profile picture of Ananth Ramanathan

    Positives: The lead enrichment on Nimble is fantastic so far (1 day of using). Negatives: Importing leads is painful. Don't auto import from gmail! Also one pipeline only. Overall It's solid.

    - Ananth Ramanathan
  • Profile picture of Cory Manyfingers

    2 months free. Hooray. I love the Nimble platform.

    - Cory Manyfingers
  • Profile picture of Rich Martinez

    Nimble CRM is a very fun CRM to use. The value of this deal is $30 because Nimble costs $15 per month. Nimble reached out to me the next day to notify me that they increased my free trial to 60 days.

    - Rich Martinez
  • Profile picture of John Gresham

    I am afraid I must say your customer service was excellent but was unable to utilise with my time extraints sorry John G

    - John Gresham
  • Profile picture of Rami Refaeli

    Didn't get any respond from them.

    - Rami Refaeli
  • Profile picture of Martin Carazo

    Quick response from Nimble support team in order to extend the 14 days trial period to 2 months. Very good contact social ... although no LInkedIn integration (LinkedIn's closed the API for most CRMs

    - Martin Carazo
  • Profile picture of Mariska Reinerink

    Love it!!! Best CRM I've seen so far. Can't wait to use it more.

    - Mariska Reinerink
  • Profile picture of Ryan Knight

    This is a great deal to really get immersed with Nimble. Its a heavy and robust platform that can really take your networking to the next level. I am a big fan

    - Ryan Knight
  • Profile picture of Waki Yoneoka

    Nimble is great, it connects major social media automatically, it is saving my time to search my contacts' background information that I usually do. Nice to have 60 day free trial extension.

    - Waki Yoneoka
  • Profile picture of Peter Day

    Good deal, as the Trial on Nimble was too short to evaluate. We may not have stayed on trial. So thanks.

    - Peter Day
  • Profile picture of Sahil Sehgal

    Great Deal!

    - Sahil Sehgal
  • Profile picture of Trey Gordner

    Awesome customer service and support. Love these guys already!

    - Trey Gordner
  • Profile picture of Jakolien Sok | Boosting Your Brand™

    Awesome, delivery within 1 day ツ

    - Jakolien Sok | Boosting Your Brand™
  • Profile picture of Austin Wilkerson

    Great deal. I ended up buying it.

    - Austin Wilkerson
  • Profile picture of Digvijay Choudhari
  • Profile picture of Bob Girolamo

    Sign up was as simple as stated. Great service.

    - Bob Girolamo
  • Profile picture of Luis Gellon

    Awesome response, very fast!

    - Luis Gellon
  • Profile picture of Francisco Medrano Iturralde

    Wish it was more days but still good deal!

    - Francisco Medrano Iturralde
  • Profile picture of Sharon Lu

    Very generous. Although nimble can be up and running within minutes, I've found it takes at least 3 months to really embed nimble into your workflow, and am really loving it.

    - Sharon Lu
  • Profile picture of Jean Carr

    The deal is unlimited everything business use for 2 months.... It took a bit of time and back and forth emails to clarify this. So far usage is going great...

    - Jean Carr
  • Profile picture of Andre de Villiers

    Said $150 discount but it is $30 discount ... misleading at best!

    - Andre de Villiers
  • Profile picture of Jim Chelmowski

    Nimble CRM deal worked Great

    - Jim Chelmowski
  • Profile picture of Zbigniew Woznowski

    great !

    - Zbigniew Woznowski
  • Profile picture of Therese Gedda

    Excellent service!

    - Therese Gedda
  • Profile picture of Kevin Pettie

    Just started out on the system however I'm very impressed. I'm sure once I get more familiar and watch some of the help videos it will be even better. As for the deal itself, a 60 day trial...awesome

    - Kevin Pettie
  • Profile picture of M. Ian Colville

    Free 2 months. Good deal vs what they usually offer (2 weeks I think).

    - M. Ian Colville
  • Profile picture of Ashley Hunter-Love

    Two month free trial to one of the best CRM systems; easy set-up, worth trialling it.

    - Ashley Hunter-Love
  • Profile picture of Barry Smyth

    Didn't get the deal emailed to me :(

    - Barry Smyth
  • Profile picture of Mark Franklin

    The deal is a good one, but unfortunately if you want to use it to try premium features from a free account you cannot go back to a free account. Nimble issue, not the coupon's.

    - Mark Franklin
  • Profile picture of JP Phaneuf

    Awesome deal!

    - JP Phaneuf
  • Profile picture of Paul Salzman

    I think Nimble is cool. Definitely a lot less data-entry involved compared to most CRMs. Highly recommend.

    - Paul Salzman
  • Profile picture of Gordon Marsh

    Great deal for start-ups!

    - Gordon Marsh
  • Profile picture of John Nieuwenburg

    Awesome way to give Nimble a trial/try-out

    - John Nieuwenburg
  • Profile picture of Ben Mielen

    It is a great deal and extend the ability to see if you business is growing

    - Ben Mielen
  • Profile picture of Jessica Clark

    Extended my trial time and let me share Nimble with a colleague. Useful deal.

    - Jessica Clark
  • Profile picture of Basho Mosko

    Excellent deal. Nimble is the perfect solution for my CRM needs and also an incredible value.

    - Basho Mosko
  • Profile picture of Etutores Brasil

    I received no response from Nimble.

    - Etutores Brasil
  • Profile picture of Haim Barad

    2 free months for startups is definitely helpful.

    - Haim Barad
  • Profile picture of Karl McCollester

    I haven't gotten a response from applying for the deal yet?

    - Karl McCollester
  • Profile picture of Margie Kaplan

    Awesome! Very excited to get this deal!

    - Margie Kaplan
  • Profile picture of Jon Norman

    Great system & came back within hours to confirm deal

    - Jon Norman
  • Profile picture of Joshua Black

    A brilliant deal for a brilliant CRM platform. Loving Nimble! A CRM platform like no other.

    - Joshua Black
  • Profile picture of Glenn Cooper

    This is an outstanding opportunity for any burgeoning entrepreneur to gain control of their online social realm! Not to mention it's A GREAT DEAL! GET IT USE IT PROFIT!

    - Glenn Cooper
  • Profile picture of Moshe Ross

    After my brief free trial from, I sorely wanted to have an extended but no cost free trial. This deal was everything I wanted and more!

    - Moshe Ross
  • Profile picture of Kenny Goodman

    Nimble never even got in touch

    - Kenny Goodman
  • Profile picture of S Ramesh

    Was never contacted by Nimble

    - S Ramesh
  • Profile picture of Tasha Ross

    I just started using the CRM, but so far so good. I love how it brings Social interaction to the forefront.

    - Tasha Ross
  • Profile picture of Jeremy Stover

    It rocks! Nimble is the best!

    - Jeremy Stover
  • Profile picture of Adam Knight

    I don't know, I never received anything.

    - Adam Knight
  • Profile picture of Adam Hurst

    Great deal - and sorted within a day!

    - Adam Hurst