Up to $25k in AWS Web Hosting

$25,000.00 value

• $5,000 or $25,000 AWS Promotional Credit valid for 2 years • 1 year AWS Business Support (up to $5,000) This benefit is only available for startup founders that meet approval requirements. Not valid for India. MAKE SURE YOUR F6S PERSONAL & TEAM PROFILES ARE COMPLETE SO WE CAN CONFIRM ELIGIBILITY


  • Profile picture of Aj Picard

    It was great, huge benefits for us as a new startup!

    - Aj Picard
  • Profile picture of David Parackal

    fine and attractive

    - David Parackal
  • Profile picture of David Manley

    I did not get the deal. No one contacted me.

    - David Manley
  • Profile picture of ياسر العايد

    Still I did not get but seems they a great and their requirements easy and make sense.

    - ياسر العايد
  • Profile picture of Edgar Giovanni Leal Cárdenas

    I didnt recieve anything

    - Edgar Giovanni Leal Cárdenas
  • Profile picture of Jay Pecharroman


    - Jay Pecharroman
  • Profile picture of Mahmoud Eldefrawy

    I did not receive anything

    - Mahmoud Eldefrawy
  • Profile picture of Abayomi Oladipupo

    Was awesome, I was given total sum of $6500 5000 for services 1500 for support service

    - Abayomi Oladipupo
  • Profile picture of Robert Kohn

    THANK YOU AWS! You know when they say it is too good to be true?! Well in this case it really was. Will greatly help our company. Thanks!

    - Robert Kohn
  • Profile picture of Maximiliano de la Fuente

    It's amazing! Thank you for this deal!

    - Maximiliano de la Fuente
  • Profile picture of Diego Daniel Dean

    Excellent deal to support our growth with stability and security of UBICUO platform, www.ubicuo.io.

    - Diego Daniel Dean
  • Profile picture of Josselin de La Rochefoucauld

    we have not yet received anything from this deal, what is taking so long? the way this is set up is quite confusing, but we are still waiting on any type of confirmation from this deal.

    - Josselin de La Rochefoucauld
  • Profile picture of Jeff Zika

    We need it

    - Jeff Zika
  • Profile picture of Hassan Alzyoud


    - Hassan Alzyoud
  • Profile picture of Tom Hansen

    I never recieved any further information. Should I continue to wait?

    - Tom Hansen
  • Profile picture of Kamran Siddiqui

    Never Got access to the credits

    - Kamran Siddiqui
  • Profile picture of Abubakr Eirabie

    This helps a lot with reducing the burn rate

    - Abubakr Eirabie
  • Profile picture of Dexter Talbert

    Don’t know I haven’t received it yet

    - Dexter Talbert
  • Profile picture of Mark Sachdeva

    I have not heard from AWS yet. Thanks

    - Mark Sachdeva
  • Profile picture of Jyotsna (Jo) Dixit

    They just gave $1000.

    - Jyotsna (Jo) Dixit
  • Profile picture of Yv De

    Because it's enough to become successful by starting off small u can end off big

    - Yv De
  • Profile picture of Amr Samir


    - Amr Samir
  • Profile picture of Houneida Sakly Ep Mabrouk

    Excellent deal to encourage young people to launch their startup

    - Houneida Sakly Ep Mabrouk
  • Profile picture of zheng jin

    Aws has helped many companies,which has enabled many start up cpmpanies to get great development and benefits

    - zheng jin
  • Profile picture of Deepankar Raj

    This is the best services for young budding entrepreneurs. Great move Amazon .

    - Deepankar Raj
  • Profile picture of Ashish Kushwaha

    I appreciate this deal. I have got $5500 credit from amazon and this will be very helpful for us to do build the application. Thanks you F6S and Amazon. Regards, Ashish

    - Ashish Kushwaha
  • Profile picture of Harshal Trivedi

    It's a very good deal to kick start the cloud journey. It helps a lot in scaling and getting global reach in minutes.

    - Harshal Trivedi
  • Profile picture of jimmy lu

    aws is so nice it can help somepepole

    - jimmy lu
  • Profile picture of Tanja Ludwig

    AWS helps startups by providing the most advanced cloud platform with innovative services.

    - Tanja Ludwig
  • Profile picture of Veronica Korzh

    It should help a lot of startups to scale and be sure that they use the right infrastructure

    - Veronica Korzh
  • Profile picture of Cornell Johnson

    What deal?

    - Cornell Johnson
  • Profile picture of jing zheng

    This is a good product, a medical company that can help many people

    - jing zheng
  • Profile picture of Sujith Kattathara Bhaskaran
  • Profile picture of Noorul Ali

    Startup needs to have a website for this deal. Does not help people with an idea who want to start building.

    - Noorul Ali
  • Profile picture of Rajesh Setia

    We have not been offer lately when we clicked this. Whatever we have as AWS credit are from your other partners

    - Rajesh Setia
  • Profile picture of Kabiru Adamu Zailani

    I hope that we will share your experience to my friends co-workers and the general public and the everything that I have learned and I believe in you you can train me for best knowledge.

    - Kabiru Adamu Zailani
  • Profile picture of David Ukpai Nkama

    Still don't understand things here fully

    - David Ukpai Nkama
  • Profile picture of Terry  Ellis

    I think it is a awesome deal

    - Terry Ellis
  • Profile picture of Emre Nokay

    böyle bir anlaşma karşıma çıktığı için kendimi çok iyi hissediyorum ve verdiğiniz burs sayesinde kendi işimi kuracağım

    - Emre Nokay
  • Profile picture of Carlos Corrales Yerpes

    I'm still waiting for confirmation, but we do use AWS since the beginning of FIWOO, and having this credits is really useful for us

    - Carlos Corrales Yerpes
  • Profile picture of Ehis Martins Okoh

    Improve in marketing

    - Ehis Martins Okoh
  • Profile picture of ummed singh

    a great support for startups

    - ummed singh
  • Profile picture of Bassam Erbia

    Yes, it helps in self-development and helps in machine development

    - Bassam Erbia
  • Profile picture of Geoff Jordan

    Looking forward to using it! Thank you!

    - Geoff Jordan
  • Profile picture of Daniel Maurice-Vallerey

    Straightforwardly available value.

    - Daniel Maurice-Vallerey
  • Profile picture of Prakash Kapadia

    Its Awsum

    - Prakash Kapadia
  • Profile picture of Mohammed Imam

    It is very slowly and complex

    - Mohammed Imam
  • Profile picture of Moch Siswan Afandi

    It's a great deal for my startup! Thank you very much :)) Best Regards, Moch Siswan Afandi

    - Moch Siswan Afandi
  • Profile picture of Mohamed Badry

    Not exist any more

    - Mohamed Badry
  • Profile picture of Peter Aidoo

    I am very happy about the deal and hope it will help my Startup Business to take off. When helped, I will work hard to grow my business and help others.

    - Peter Aidoo
  • Profile picture of Urdea Cristi

    This is a very big help for my business, now I can start with best hosting services.

    - Urdea Cristi
  • Profile picture of Narendra Verma

    Ofcourse, but wait, I didn't get any of their mail to start it, so I can't assure to give time

    - Narendra Verma
  • Profile picture of Md Mirza Gaalib

    I feel very grateful.. thanks f6s

    - Md Mirza Gaalib
  • Profile picture of Bertin Ikoumbou Ikoumbou

    it'is good for me

    - Bertin Ikoumbou Ikoumbou
  • Profile picture of Hanifa Abdul-Razak

    This is a great opportunity for start-ups.

    - Hanifa Abdul-Razak
  • Profile picture of Ratemo Obed

    It is a platform where the youths of current generation can perfectly invest and grow.since it is flexible and you can work from anywhere in the world where theirs s stable network

    - Ratemo Obed
  • Profile picture of Gildas FOFE

    I haven't received the aws credits yet, but this is a great opportunity for our startup weetyu because we need these credits to stay focused on our customers. This partnership between F6S and AWS is

    - Gildas FOFE
  • Profile picture of Stavros Antoniadis

    It is an excellent kick start credits package. Thank you Amazon.

    - Stavros Antoniadis
  • Profile picture of Mia Umanos

    I didn't get any credits yet

    - Mia Umanos
  • Profile picture of Eko Hariyanto

    good for hosting

    - Eko Hariyanto
  • Profile picture of Paolo Abela

    Nobody got in touch with me on my primary email address, so I can't use the deal :(

    - Paolo Abela
  • Profile picture of Craig Zapatka

    Excellent kick start for start-ups and young businesses, especially those prioritizing their financials.

    - Craig Zapatka
  • Profile picture of Lilly Chen

    wasn't able to use it

    - Lilly Chen
  • Profile picture of Usamatu Tukur Isah


    - Usamatu Tukur Isah
  • Profile picture of Engr Nabala


    - Engr Nabala
  • Profile picture of György Szimeonov

    I haven't received any reply

    - György Szimeonov
  • Profile picture of Thuto Lentsoane

    havent started

    - Thuto Lentsoane
  • Profile picture of emmanuel georgeali

    The rating of this Company is 60-70% because it is newly founded Company which requires support to move it up

    - emmanuel georgeali
  • Profile picture of Benjamin Ndovi

    I never recieved the deal or the email from Amazon after opting for it

    - Benjamin Ndovi
  • Profile picture of Peter Clarke

    It never happened

    - Peter Clarke
  • Profile picture of Bill Afwan

    I am very interested! yet I do not know how I can redeem it, please help me out! thanks

    - Bill Afwan
  • Profile picture of Zajzon Bodó

    We did not get it, or the decision procedure takes super long.

    - Zajzon Bodó
  • Profile picture of Ahmad Ibrahim

    Actually I absolutely agree these deal would deffinatly improve our businesses,more especially our workers, and so also the entire public itself.If we get the deal,am very sure it would be motivation.

    - Ahmad Ibrahim
  • Profile picture of joel macharia

    Great, but we need easier access to the credits using an email. I have not yet activated mine because there is no link to where i can activate from

    - joel macharia
  • Profile picture of


  • Profile picture of Boris Koukpesso

    Sa marche

    - Boris Koukpesso
  • Profile picture of Charlie Markham

    No response from AWS

    - Charlie Markham
  • Profile picture of Jenni Tan


    - Jenni Tan
  • Profile picture of Álvaro Tavares Moreira

    We have not yet been contacted by Amazon. We do not know the reason, but unfortunately (until today) the contact and possible prize / bonus announced has yet to materialize.

    - Álvaro Tavares Moreira
  • Profile picture of Mauro Marco Rubin


    - Mauro Marco Rubin
  • Profile picture of Kwesi Kwofie

    I was informed that AWS would reach out but they haven't so we haven't been able to take advantage of this

    - Kwesi Kwofie
  • Profile picture of Dominic Oroms

    The deal is going to help grow ma skills

    - Dominic Oroms
  • Profile picture of Shreyash Gupta

    I believe that a deal like this for a startup can change the pace of growth of a company.

    - Shreyash Gupta
  • Profile picture of Hargrave Richard

    I haven't received any response

    - Hargrave Richard
  • Profile picture of Kieran Jendro

    The next step in the deal after accepting was to be contacted by AWS but I was never contacted.

    - Kieran Jendro
  • Profile picture of Erol Ayvaz

    No one got in touch

    - Erol Ayvaz
  • Profile picture of

    I got no feedback from the AWS team as expected... at least not yet

  • Profile picture of АНАТОЛИЙ АЛДОКИМОВ

    I hope I can get 25K funding. All progressive humanity should be interested Iin our innovative project because we promise health for the people and ecologically friendly technology for the nature!

  • Profile picture of Dattatraya Patil

    I have not received aws credits yet. Our startup has completed products and planning to launch products online for customers. Please help us getting $25K AWS credits

    - Dattatraya Patil
  • Profile picture of Riwaj Ghimire

    Never got the deal or response from amazon

    - Riwaj Ghimire
  • Profile picture of Thiago Avila

    We did not receive the deal

    - Thiago Avila
  • Profile picture of Iftikhar Omar

    They never responded.

    - Iftikhar Omar
  • Profile picture of Thiago Avila

    We did not get the deal

    - Thiago Avila
  • Profile picture of Mohammed Iddriss

    The deal is excellent but funding for start up business improvement would be the best of the organization business growth.

    - Mohammed Iddriss
  • Profile picture of Benjamin Junior Nimoh

    i have not benefitted yet from the deal

    - Benjamin Junior Nimoh
  • Profile picture of Esperanza Suarez

    Its the best option

    - Esperanza Suarez
  • Profile picture of Olusola Craig

    Nice one. But the money aspect what happened to it

    - Olusola Craig
  • Profile picture of Gerlance Musavuli

    I'm ready to take this deal

    - Gerlance Musavuli
  • Profile picture of Ibrahim El-mahallawy

    Awesome, it'll help me get going with my startup

    - Ibrahim El-mahallawy
  • Profile picture of Javier Arza

    I don't have receive any message from AWS

    - Javier Arza
  • Profile picture of Alisya Putri


    - Alisya Putri
  • Profile picture of Jamilu Buhari Prp

    I think possitible about the deal

    - Jamilu Buhari Prp
  • Profile picture of Yusuf Salisu Sulaiman
  • Profile picture of Riwaj Ghimire

    Didn't get a response from anyone

    - Riwaj Ghimire
  • Profile picture of Osman Yaah

    I was emailed that they will connect me with the Amazon Team and yet still I didn't get any response from anyone

    - Osman Yaah
  • Profile picture of Mohamed El-Meligy

    Didn't hear back from them!

    - Mohamed El-Meligy
  • Profile picture of Sridhar Sethuraman

    This is fantastic

    - Sridhar Sethuraman
  • Profile picture of Wong Andrew

    $25k of AWS Web Hosting is a great deal from the world's leading cloud hosting provider.

    - Wong Andrew
  • Profile picture of Sherif Adnan

    I have not received any credit so far

    - Sherif Adnan
  • Profile picture of mohamed mokbel

    I was not contacted or my newsletter with the registration code to obtain this

    - mohamed mokbel
  • Profile picture of Orukpe Ofure

    I didn't get the 25k AWS😭

    - Orukpe Ofure
  • Profile picture of Navneet Garg

    I didn't get any deal and any relevant mail from Amazon for this deal. So how can I review this deal! This is a good deal only on screen.

    - Navneet Garg
  • Profile picture of Rosalia Leykauf

    it is real very nice to starting my innovation with Amazon. I need only small time more to understand how this work. Thank You in advance, i will sharing again.

    - Rosalia Leykauf
  • Profile picture of Ashish Gupta

    I never received any email from AWS

    - Ashish Gupta
  • Profile picture of Muhammad Irfan Azam

    I am not contacted by anyone from AWS related to getting this deal.

    - Muhammad Irfan Azam
  • Profile picture of Arthur Nazarian

    I did not receive a response from AWS and so did not receive the $25k in web hosting - at least not yet

    - Arthur Nazarian
  • Profile picture of Mustafa Kemal İŞEN

    It is life saver!

    - Mustafa Kemal İŞEN
  • Profile picture of Ayagbene Gabriel

    This is a great opportunity, and it will help me a lot if it works out. I will be grateful if this deal is going to be send directly to me.

    - Ayagbene Gabriel
  • Profile picture of Stephen Qiu

    Make a website and domain to create own co,then i can get more resource from aws and study how to make our company more success,therefore I can become a better person,while I must use some service

    - Stephen Qiu
  • Profile picture of Molly Hollowell

    Didn't happen

    - Molly Hollowell
  • Profile picture of Vincent Zenkner

    Never got a response.

    - Vincent Zenkner
  • Profile picture of Mark Phillips

    It's a really great deal to help me grow my business or anyone who tries to start a idea like me but cannot afford the price for a server. AWS will help me a lot. Thanks

    - Mark Phillips
  • Profile picture of Steven A. Lowe

    no response; three attempts

    - Steven A. Lowe
  • Profile picture of Andon Dragomanov

    No emails arrived

    - Andon Dragomanov
  • Profile picture of Abbaty Abdul

    Is so good and amazing i really like amazon

    - Abbaty Abdul
  • Profile picture of Chris Webb

    I was never contacted by amazon

    - Chris Webb
  • Profile picture of Ramiro Nantez

    I still did not get back from AWS or F6S Team, I would like to have these credits cause there are important for my startup

    - Ramiro Nantez
  • Profile picture of Ben Beh (马千里)

    A little over rated on the marketing side on the great support for startups. Personally experienced slow to no response from the account managers. On the machine side, the servers work well though.

    - Ben Beh (马千里)
  • Profile picture of Gabriel Magaña Gonzalez

    No contact from Amazon, as everyone else has said. This deal is DOA.

    - Gabriel Magaña Gonzalez
  • Profile picture of Simone Tarantino

    We did not receive any deal...

    - Simone Tarantino
  • Profile picture of Axwessoo Siayi Nicodemus

    It's a great deal

    - Axwessoo Siayi Nicodemus
  • Profile picture of Dan Melchione

    No response

    - Dan Melchione
  • Profile picture of Gabor Gyori

    I was not contacted by AWS.

    - Gabor Gyori
  • Profile picture of Adel Hasanat

    I have applied through the F6S incubator for a grant to cover the cost of web hosting services with AWS. knowing that I been with AWS for more than four years. I have not got any responses from your

    - Adel Hasanat
  • Profile picture of Oluwatosin Oduekun

    But not yet satisfied

    - Oluwatosin Oduekun
  • Profile picture of Dirk Witte

    What deal?

    - Dirk Witte
  • Profile picture of Snow Zhang

    I don’t know how to access the deal and the Amazon representative still haven’t contacted me.

    - Snow Zhang
  • Profile picture of Dirk Witte

    There was no deal

    - Dirk Witte
  • Profile picture of Prakash Jain

    I did not get any call or message from Amazon web service. No response from Amazon web service yet, Hope this benifit is not fake Are you sure f6s.com has tieup with amazon web services or not

    - Prakash Jain
  • Profile picture of ayush narula

    never received the deal

    - ayush narula
  • Profile picture of Jitin Tuli

    Never got it

    - Jitin Tuli
  • Profile picture of Suru Avoseh

    Great for startup to get onboard on the AWS and also start developing amazing platform

    - Suru Avoseh
  • Profile picture of Benoit Schiepers

    Nothing yet. No contact, no nothing.

    - Benoit Schiepers
  • Profile picture of Caroline Yu

    They never contacted me.

    - Caroline Yu
  • Profile picture of Adisa Begić

    All the Bestie

    - Adisa Begić
  • Profile picture of Abdoul Ndongo

    Yez no object

    - Abdoul Ndongo
  • Profile picture of Santiago Chacon

    Bad. Very bad. It's a joke!

    - Santiago Chacon
  • Profile picture of Ari Cepeda


    - Ari Cepeda
  • Profile picture of Aditya Garg

    No communication from Amazon till now.

    - Aditya Garg
  • Profile picture of Camelia Rafiliu


    - Camelia Rafiliu
  • Profile picture of Ashiru Sani


    - Ashiru Sani
  • Profile picture of Arun Kumar

    A good start for the new startups helps in encouraging in the initial stage.

    - Arun Kumar
  • Profile picture of Fredrik Nilsson

    Didn’t get anything more than a long email with a list of things to do , “scam” I’m happy no promises was made on my side and they are fake !

    - Fredrik Nilsson
  • Profile picture of Yande Silavwe

    Very helpful

    - Yande Silavwe
  • Profile picture of Arber Marleku

    I still didnt get any deal i only applied for it

    - Arber Marleku
  • Profile picture of Maria Kouidri


    - Maria Kouidri
  • Profile picture of Deepak Mangla

    I did not get any reply from AWS team.

    - Deepak Mangla
  • Profile picture of George Olah

    I was not contacted by anyone from AWS :(

    - George Olah
  • Profile picture of Cem Ulker

    It's a great opportunity for start-ups to accomplish their goals by saving a reasonable amount of money from the server-side and focus on perfecting their product or service.

    - Cem Ulker
  • Profile picture of Mohd Irfan

    I would recommend all my friends and family this deal. Though I haven't received the deal yet it's awesome if I get it, ill be on the 7th cloud.

    - Mohd Irfan
  • Profile picture of Vivek Sethi

    Not applicable to India they said..highly disappointed! It should have been mentioned which geo they are giving this..

    - Vivek Sethi
  • Profile picture of Daniel Ekene Ngidi
  • Profile picture of Solo Kurir

    Is good for early startups like our startup

    - Solo Kurir
  • Profile picture of Sameh Yasser


    - Sameh Yasser
  • Profile picture of Abdullahi Rilwan

    It's super awesome.

    - Abdullahi Rilwan
  • Profile picture of Nakia Ohtaw

    Simply no one contacted me.

    - Nakia Ohtaw
  • Profile picture of Edward Choi


    - Edward Choi
  • Profile picture of Pape Zulma

    I haven't received anything, no message from aws or any deal from them or from you regarding the AWS.

    - Pape Zulma
  • Profile picture of SUSHIL SHARMA "The ultimate job machine"

    I really happy to know to about it.

    - SUSHIL SHARMA "The ultimate job machine"
  • Profile picture of Muhammad Bilal

    Its a great oppurtunity to research and implement AWS for your startup without any strings attached.

    - Muhammad Bilal