Maria Chmir
Maria Chmir CEO Bringing together cutting-edge technology and practical business problems. Study myself, film philosophy and the history of politics.


Sofi Shvets
Head of COmmunications, TEDx

Maria is a great founder with a deep expertise in AI computer vision space and excellent execution skills. Recommend for the program!

Alexander Novak
Co-Founder, Partner, NYZ Partners

DeepCake combines a great talented team with top-notch AI video products.

I was impressed by the team’s performance, goal-oriented and client-centered approach, profound knowledge of the Russian and international markets.

DeepCake’s technology contributed to the first ever commercial AI deepfake advertising video in Russia. The company also secured solid reputation among top Russian companies utilising AI face-swap products for their advertising campaigns and internal training purposes.

DeepCake’s team is truly unique: enthusiastic, cooperative, strong team players, great professionals with substantial expertise in what they do.

While serving as DeepCake’s legal engineering advisor, I was also impressed by the team’s efforts to ensure legal back-up and compliance from the outset of their operations which is so critical in the area involving many IP & personal data aspects.

I am confident that DeepCake will succeed with their vigor and cutting-edge products internationally.

As an advisor to Deepcake, I can confirm that they are deploying in their products state-of-the-art deep learning models. Right now they are almost finished with the development of their first service and are performing alpha testing on their target audience. At this stage, they've collected initial feedback from possible clients who are interested in their "text-to-video" product.
We came into contact on ods.ai slack (ODS - the biggest Russian ML and AI community, which of I'm a co-founder).
I'm familiar with the areas of computer vision and 3D deep learning, which I researched in a Ph.D. program at Skoltech (scholar.google.com/citations, and because I have an interest in digital human avatars, I thought that we might work together on that.
There are many new companies in that space of digital human avatars and human content generation but Deepcake team holds very well in their niche of fast generation of educational content based on text descriptions.