Steven Dawson

As a long-time board member of both Cooperative Home Care Associates in the South Bronx, and Home Care Associates in inner-city Philadelphia--two of the largest worker cooperatives in the U.S.--I have deeply valued Melissa Hoover and her leadership in building the Democracy at Work Institute. The Institute has forged new relationships across worker coop sectors nationwide, and drawn a whole new generation of entrepreneurs into the worker cooperative field. ~ Steven L. Dawson, Strategic Advisor, PHI (Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute)

Loren Rodgers

The Democracy at Work Institute is one of the reasons I am optimistic about the future of worker cooperatives. They bring vision, values, and smarts to the challenge of creating more and better worker cooperatives.

David Hammer Co-Founder at The ICA Group

The Democracy at Work Institute and their staff are a critical partner of the ICA Group. They provide level headed advice and have been critical towards legitimizing the worker co-op sector, and bringing workplace democracy to scale.