Denis Čuček

Denis Čuček

Entrepreneur, travel, tourism, transportation, e-commerce. Big fan of entrepreneurship, travel, leadership, psychology and biology.
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
Maribor, Slovenia
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  • Sales Operations
  • Sales/Bus Dev
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Shuttle Planet

CEO @Shuttle Planet • Co-Founder

Passenger transportation marketplace

Sole Propietorship

CEO @Sole Propietorship

Aug '12 - Feb '16 (3 years 6 months)

Amazing things Denis's made
Ran a rent-a-car, removal, and passenger transportation business. Was responsible for hiring the workforce and finding the solutions and planning the logistics for my client's trips, from price formation, route, and time calculation. Worked with individuals, offering them carpooled service in an effort to provide them with a price-wise solution for their trips, as well as groups, tourists, tourist agencies, clubs, schools and government agencies.
SERŠ Maribor

SERŠ Maribor