Deniz Esra Bıçakçı

Deniz Esra Bıçakçı

Agriculturist, enthusiastic nature lover, part time Maths&Eng teacher
Marketing • Product
Izmir, Turkey
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CEO @Misyaşam • Co-Founder

Heathy/handmade food store, growing plants to harvest organic goods for 21’

Oct '20 - Present (10 months)

Amazing things Deniz Esra's made
I have an Instagram page - organic food store - with the name misyaşam - @misya.sam. I sell heathy foods that some products are made by me-like tomato paste- and some are the ones I get from the suppliers I know closely. I choose my products from the ones who are respectful to the nature and track the sustainability goals.I’m originally a maths graduate English teacher. I work as an English teacher in a private course half of the week to support my brand financially. It’s safe to say that I am the investor of my own venture. Organic farming is my new area of study. I’m an agriculture student in the Anatolian university. I study hard to learn about agricultural techniques especially for organic farming. I have a small organic farm in our Olive Garden. I have planted vegetables like tomatoes, papers and eggplants to grow organic goods. I will sell my own organic harvest next year.
Atilim University

Atilim University

Bachelors degree of Maths Jun 2005 - Jun 2010