F6S Website Widgets are embeddable widgets to integrate F6S in your site or blog. To get the F6S widgets, click the “Edit” tab in any profile page you own (either Individual, Startup or Program Profile), then click the "Widgets" button on the left. Now you can copy and paste the embed code into your editor.

Drop us a note at support@f6s.com if you have any questions.

Follow Button

The Follow Button is a widget which allows you to include a follow button in a standard HTML page, and get more followers. The Follow Button is available for Individual, Startup and Program Profiles. The Follow Button comes in two styles: Red and White.

Jobs Widget

The Jobs Widget lets you show your Jobs directly on your own site. The Jobs Widget is available to Startup and Programs Profiles.

All you have to do is copying and pasting the code below into your site's markup.

<div id="f6s-jobs-673677770976"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var F6S_v1 = F6S_v1 || {}; F6S_v1.params = F6S_v1.params || []; F6S_v1.params.push({ type: 'widget', widgetType: 'organization-jobs', profileId: 'YOUR-PROFILE-NAME', containerId: 'f6s-jobs-673677770976' });(function() { var st = document.createElement('script'); st.type = 'text/javascript'; st.async = true; st.src = 'https://www.f6s.com/system/js/widgets'; var ft = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; ft.parentNode.insertBefore(st, ft); })();


  • widgetType accepts the following values:
    • organization-jobs if you want to show your startup jobs.
    • program-jobs if you want to show the jobs from your Program profile.
  • profileId is your profile alias or name. You can find your profile alias in the profile page URL. It's the profile name without any space in between the words.
  • containerId is a generated id for the HTML container.

You will find the whole code snippet into the widgets section of your profile page.

Apply Button Widget

The Apply Button Widget is a smart Apply button that links from your Site to taht F6S Profile's Application. It also counts down the days to your Application Deadline if you have a close date.

The Apply Button Widget is only available for Programs Profiles.

You can change the CSS and look/feel of the Apply Button Widget as you like or use the default look and feel.


- If the application doesn’t have an end date, the Smart Apply Button will only show Apply Now.
- If the application has an end date, the Smart Apply Button will show Apply Now | X Days Left.
- If the application is not open, the Smart Apply Button will show <minif6slogo logo Visit us on f6s>

Deals Widget

The Deals Widget shows all Deals that people and companies that get into your Program, Investment Fund or Angel Group receive.

The Deals Widget is only available for Programs Profiles.