Dmitry Fomin

Dmitry Fomin

Dmitry Fomin, VP AI, Senior Developer Expert in C++, iOS, Android.
Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile

Product @MoodMe • Co-Founder

Engagement Insights for Video "next normal" with emotion analytics face AI

Amazing things Dmitry's made
Worked at Intel on Compilers.
Mobile 3D AR Apps with embedded neural networks for face tracking & emotion detection.

⚽️ Shergul Arshad recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

Tremendous innovation in a space that is very popular, but focusing on a smart market segment: brands. How can brands use personalization in social media and own their narrative? MoodMe helps you excel.

Gonzalo Santamaria recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

Very interesting and useful software, we started to use it with our internal online meetings and now we use it with our clients and online trainings. Good insights and reports to better understand how to improve the online training delivery.

Burhan Ocakoglu recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

Hi. Chandra and his team are very creative and have developed an exciting concept that can transfer the way virtual meetings and virtual education will be provided in the future

Tom Rice Advisor at MoodMe recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

Tom Rice Advisor at MoodMe recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

MoodMe is going to make it as a successful startup. Chandra and the team have done the hard work to position a business model around a solid core technology. As a good startup CEO must do, Chandra has pitched his technology to many potential user and demonstrated its utility to them. He has listened and learned and he is now focusing on an enhanced emotional experience for users on leading chat and social sites.
Ittook time to refine the product and it took timing for the social sits to realize that they need to enhance the user experience, but I believe that the stares are aligned for MoodMe now.

Tom Rice Advisor at MoodMe recommended MoodMe where Dmitry is Co-Founder

Chandra is a classic entrepreneur, always move forward, never give up. MoodMe has taken longer to mature than everyone expected and Chandra has held it together, raising several rounds of seed capital, finding key people and exploring many go-to-market schemes. The mark of a good entrepreneur is that he keeps going until he finds a product/ market fit. modem was early to the market and it was a struggle and now the market has caught up and good things are coming MoodMe's way. If a good entrepreneur is one who gets to the finish line then Chandra is one of the best.