Dolores AnySolution

Dolores AnySolution

Experienced in Project management with a vast experience in SmarCities/destination.Very enthusiastic and sport lover. Challenges seeker
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Palma, Spain
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AnySolution S.L.

Techn. chief officer @AnySolution S.L. • Co-Founder

AnySolution develops strategic smart methodologies and projects

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Amazing things Dolores's made
We have set-up our company ANYSOLUTION and in less than a year we have already been accepted to take part in a number of projects. We are partners in different EU approuved projects under H2020 and Civil protection Instrument. We don't think that is too bad for a mini start-up.

We're already 8 people working in AnySolution, we're growing step by step covering different areas and complementing skills

We have implemented our IoTSmartLock and now we are very focused in the success fof our IoTPLatform to be used in SmartBuildings and SmartCities. We have participated in the SmartCities international fairs in Taiwan (2016), Singapour and malaysia (2017)

We are involved in the SmartCities work group of the University of the Balearic Islands, we are member of the executive Committee of Turistec and also of Planetic

And of course our main goal at the moment is to make the amazing IoT developments (SmartLock and IoTPlatform) that we hope becomes our company's core business.

Yves Faure Co-funder, MarCom & International at Nautic Advisor

I highly recomend Mrs Dolores Ordoñez for her hardworking and eficient capacities that lidered her to successful completion of most portfolio of European projects headed by her.

Javier Bustamante Voluntario at UNICEF

Conozco a Dolores hace mucho tiempo y es capaz de liderar y llevar a cabo cualquier proyecto complejo, seguro lo conseguira tambien en esta ocasion

Francesco Favia

Dolores è una grande professionista con la quale abbiamo realizzato ottimi progetti su programmi UE.

Federico Alvarez

Dolores is a great professional, hardworker and with an entrepreneur spirit.

I have been working with her in the last years and participating in several events she organised with great success.

I recommend her for the FIWARE accelerate programme without any doubt.


Steve Hardman recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I am Managing Director of Ecosense Ltd, Air conditioning control sytems. From the outset Dolores and her team provided an enthusiastic and professional service in assisting with the management and construction of our proposals. It's always refreshing to work with a young motivated company that go 'the extra mile' to understand our company, our products and our objectives.

José M. Hernández-Muñoz recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

Apart from coordinating the es.INTERNET Smart City Technology Work Group at the national level, Dolores has been always closely following the European context, and actively promoting cooperation among all types of institutions to help developing the H2020 ecosystem. Therefore, I can only praise her kind professionalism and availability, and recomend AnySolution a valuable partner for future endeavours.

Irene Lopez de Vallejo recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

AnySolution's executive team is well versed in a variety of digital technologies with specific experience in Smart Destination activities and high impact dissemination strategies at European level. They are an enthusiastic versed partner both in commercial and applied research projects that live by the "let's do it" motto. And always fun to work with!

Dimitris Vassiliadis CEO at GivingStreets recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I have known the founding director of AnySolution for several years, having shared several successful experiences in previous innovation activities in the fields of tourism and smart cities. In my capacity as Director of Innovation at EXUS, it is often that i turn to Dolores for consultation and ideas to tackle new problems in the field of tourism and hospitality, by leveraging enhanced data analysis techniques. I am confident that Anysolution can add value to the innovation process of any organization.

Maurici Ruiz recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

Dolores is an excellent person and extremely skilled in the development, management and implementation of projects. It has an extraordinary ability to work with responsibility, involvement in the issues, decision making and great enthusiasm in doing things right. I worked with her on several projects and has been a pleasure to have her support.
I am the GIS & Remote Sensing Service Director of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Joan Estrany recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I am Lecturer at the University of the Balearic Islands. I have recently shared with AnySolution -specially with Dolores- the amazing experience of submitting a H2020 proposal centred on post-fire management under the topic "More effective ecosystem restoration in the EU". The role of Dolores during this short but intense process has been crucial to finish the proposal on time and guarantees of success. All partners of the consortium we are very confident to having AnySolution as project manager, even in further competitive calls.

Bartomeu Alorda recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I am a Senior Researcher at the Balearic Islands University in Spain. I have had the opportunity to work with Dolores very closely in the definition of several projects and ideas. We came into contact with her because she has a reputation as research supporter to participate in projects in the fields of RD&I, Tourism, Smart cities and destinations, Emergencies, etc. She is member of the multidisciplinary working group in SmartDestination development in Balearic Islands University helping to create new long-term relationships and improving the importance of tourism in the RD&I activities and projects.

Nuria De Lama recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

As Representative of Atos Research & Innovation to the European Commission and manager of the ICT programme at Atos I have had the opportunity to work with Dolores very closely. She is a hard-working person, very serious and professional and AnySolution is an asset for innovation projects because of its agility, flexibility and creativity. It can react quickly to unexpected needs of any project in a constructive way. In addition to that, one of the values that i appreciate more is its focus on long-term relationships.

Iphigenia Keramitsoglou recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I am a Senior Researcher at the National Observatory of Athens in Greece. We are partners with AnySol in TREASURE project on "Thermal Risk Reduction Actions and tools for secure cities", where AnySol is managing the Balearics pilot site since January 2015. All of our experience during this as well as my previous association with Mrs. Dolores Ordonez, General Director of AnySol, dating back to the beginning of 2013 as collaborators in different project, has been very positive and to my knowledge this company can timely and successfully complete its jobs. They also have an excellent network of partners and have been very active with the integration of innovation technologies in smart cities. I know of no reason why you should hesitate to award a contract to this company.

Chris Kiranoudis recommended AnySolution S.L. where Dolores is Co-Founder

I am Professor of Computational Engineering in National Technical University of Athens and the Project Manager the EU Project "TREASURE: Thermal Risk rEduction Actions and tools for SecURE cities" where AnySolution is our Spanish Partner and Palma de Mallorca the case study area in Spain. We came into contact with them because they have a reputation as key players in the area of Balearics to develop strategic methodologies and projects in the fields of RD&I, Tourism, Smart cities and destinations, Emergencies, etc and they have a great deal of experience with social networks, event organisation and dissemination strategies in general. All partners of the consortium are very happy to have them on board and we are all completely satisfied. They do an excellent job and they strive for the success of TREASURE. I personally strongly recommend them for the second phase of your accelerator selection procedure.