Dr. Husam Yaghi

Dr. Husam Yaghi

Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Financial Inclusion
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I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1991-1997) and a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (1979-1984). My hobbies are reading, photography, and chess.

My first venture was back in 1986 when I co-founded GloboNet, the first ISP in Louisiana (USA): IBC, CR #34329839D.

During the past 40+ years, I was instrumental in the US and the Middle East. Not only I built the first FDDI high speed network at my school and administered BitNet, but I also published and presented papers at international conferences. Back in 1986, I worked with a distinguished group of professors from Cornell University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Iowa State University, and Southern University to build the first Engineering Multimedia Courseware Distributed System (The Synthesis Coalition).
Louisiana State University A&M

Louisiana State University A&M

Ph.D. in Computer Science Aug 1991 - May 1997